Installation of after effect software on PC

Adobe after effects is known as a video post-production tool which is created from adobe. This software allows you to include professional-looking special effects which give scintillating views to your videos. If you are a person who is using adobe premiere to view or edit your videos the after-effects are the perfect supplement for you to edit or view your videos.  Adobe has now revamped after-effects to creative cloud (CC) suite, which is based on their subscription model which is not a one-time purchase which helps in saving your money.

Adobe after effect tool is known as the standard effect tool in the industry which is used to edit videos. Adobe CC flawlessly integrates with remaining adobe products which give a unique touch to your effects in adobe illustrator or photoshop. Animation can be added with the help of adobe after effects. The new version of adobe after effects include interactive animations and motion graphics by using data files by importing the JSON file. The latest version of adobe after effects will speed up your animation. Now let us discuss how to install adobe after effects.

Download the plugin:

There are plugins which are available for free and there are plugins which are available as a paid version, now download the plugin and usually, plugins are available in zip files.

Open the zip file:

Extract the zip files and open the content of the zip folder which is downloaded as default in your desktop as downloaded files.

Open the folder and find which matches your operating system:

After the process of extraction find which plugin will match the requirement of your computers like 32 bit or 64 bit and install the plugins accordingly.

Copy the plugin your desktop:

Drag and drop the file to the desktop and select the file which you want to use and install the plugin accordingly.

Open on new windows:

After completing the installation open it on new windows which will complete the setup process which will help you to browse from your computers.

 Now your after-effects application is ready to use and you can create wonderful and stunning video experience which will give you a new and enhanced featured of videos with the help of after-effects.


After-effects are amazingly power-packed package which is used to create astonishing effects for your videos and offers a detailed suite of tools which has creative thoughts while coming to editing pictures and videos. Mastering the app is an art where not everyone achieves it learning or spending time and money on this app is worth. Adobe after effects helps in building virtual reality environment with the improvisation in its new application function by creating its VR’s environment which helps in creating VR effects to your audio or video and enhances the look of your video. Adobe after effects helps in enhancing the 3D objects with a 4D view which gives the user a cinematic experience. This also helps you to collaborate with other teammates and share your versions and thoughts.

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