What to do when your Twitter account is locked?

Some people may lock a Twitter account to place temporary limitations due to certain account features it can be compromised to regulate the violation of Twitter rules and services. Suppose if you login to open your application you will see a message that your account is locked sometimes your account features have been limited due to some reasons.

Just check whether your account is locked for security purpose

Initially just check whether your account has been locked for any security purposes that meanequally you have detected any suspicious behavior or sometimes it may be your account has been compromised. For this you have to unlock your account by securing it by changing your password now.immediately the instructions will be transferred to your email address and you can check your email for junk spam and social folders.

If your account is locked Twitter confirms to the valid owner

If your account appears to be locked automatically due to some violations of ETA rules theatre will request you to confirm to the valid owner of the account. Suffer that to unlock the account just follow some of the steps given below

Login to your account and then you will look into the message that your account has been locked due to some reasons.

Then click top to start for this you have to enter your mobile number know that the number which you have associated with your account.

send a text message and it will receive a phone call for verification code it may take a few minutes to deliver the code in your phone.

once if you have entered the complete verification code then click tap to submit which will easily unlock your account.

suppose if you have given the email address associated in your account all the details will be clearly send with the perfect instructions to your email ID and you can contact the support team for additional help for unlocking your account.

Check whether your account features has been limited due to some suspicious activity

your just check your account that has been exhibited you too aggressive engagement that includes retweet with the comments or sometimes it has been violated due to Twitter rules and regulations. During the time you will notify a message as your account features has been limited for some specific time. Suffer this you have to switch to the temporary Twitter option in which you can use it for limited state and then you can complete the verifications to be verified with your phone number or email address.Tuesday Twitter account temporarily with unlimited state just tap continue to Twitter it will be very helpful to use in the limited state in certain places. And then continue to Twitter account you will not be able to go back again you can finally choose the option to verify.immediately your account will be restored by verifying your email address and your phone number.

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