Why Android is more user-friendly than iOS

The Android operating systems will handily more user-friendly when compared to iOS operating systems with provide freedom of choice, functionality, and more flexibility.

Multiple Login Options

The iPhone models such as versions 8, 7, & 6 will utilize the Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition for login purpose using the single touch and does not offer the retina or facial recognition to its users. However, the iPhone X model comes with facial recognition but does not offer retina or fingerprint options. Android devices will offer numerous methods of authentication options. Even, the recent Samsung Galaxy phones will allow the users to choose facial, retina, and fingerprint recognition.

Create & Write with a Stylus

If you purchase an Apple Pencil to utilize the same on your iPad device then while trying to scribble on the device screen, you may be out of luck. It is essential to purchasing the best capacitive stylus model that is not even better when compared to your finger. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model introduces the extremely powerful S-Pen along with its onboard program will allow the user to utilize the best stylus for scribbling notes, writing instant messages, and drawing on your device screen even when the screen is turned off. LG models include various stylus-enabled mobile phones such as Stylo 3 and Stylus G4.

Multiwindow support

If you prefer to perform a multitasking process on your mobile phone then it is advisable to get an Android device. The recent two versions introduced from Google’s mobile OS, Android 8 Oreo & Android 7 Nougat will come with in-built Multiwindow support. It allows the users to access the company website on one web browser and simultaneously access the email client on another window. Even without using the latest OS updates, a few mobile phones such as Samsung & LG will support the in-built split window feature. Apple introduced the split-screen view for iOS devices. However, it can be utilized only for the company’s tablets and not available for iPhones.

Skins, Widgets, & Customization

Apple iOS will know the best application for your access and no matter whether it is required or not. It will lock down the user-interface and will allow fewer customizations when compared to the Google mobile operating system. It is limited to choose only a few widgets. By using the Android OS, you are allowed to access numerous widgets on your lock screens or home screens and also able to view weather information or music playback.

Manufacturers like LG & Samsung will offer customized Skins for users with its core operating system to offer a unique feel and look. You can also install your custom theme or own launcher to make your mobile phone completely different with the feel and look.

Back Button

The back button available on an Android device will offer a helpful and simple method to access the previous screen without any hassle. Even across the numerous apps, you can work with the back button. In case if you are accessing a weblink on your Facebook app and redirected to access on the Google Chrome web browser, it is much easier to use the back button to return to the Facebook (social media) app again. You are allowed to get the contextual back buttons on your iOS device to access within the apps or even access the weblink from one application to another. However, the iOS device will not include a universal button for access.

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