Interesting features of Snap chat

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Snap chat is one of the wonderful applications it is updated daily with new options and you can find it very easy to design an article and there are many tricks and tips you can easily learn from this Snap chat application. It is one of the fantastic apps that are mainly used only for fun filled entertainment purposes. In this content let us discuss in detail about some of the interesting features of Snap chat applications

Easily apply Snap chat faces in a single click

Snap chat is one of the recently introduced new applications that are very useful for Android app you can use the entire application in the Android app once after clicking a photo. Initially after clicking a photograph you can add smiley icon, paper clip, link icon and whatever you need you can also change your face lenses according to your option which is suitable for you. This feature is applicable only for face visibility. Speaking Snap chat lenses will give you a different experience and you can apply lot more features by using Snap chat face cleanser.

Different experience in Snap chat

Here you have lot of experience which will be very annoying to discover in this page. Each and every article used here will be useful and you can do many rumors and gossips to just popularize your pages you can easily flip flop your images by using this Snap chat. This application is mainly preferred for lifestyle and interests it is one of the top ranging application hopefully all the people who are very much interested in photography field will like this app.

Option of sharing stories outside the application

In this new updated Snap chat you can easily share the stories outside the app which is very interesting just when you tap the story and hold the option button you can easily share the story to outside which is one of the very interesting feature that is integrated with the Snap chat application.

Transferring money by using Snap chat

Nowadays it has been a trend of transacting money in online even in grocery shops,recentlySnap chat has introduced an exciting feature just few months back which will help for the users to transfer the money to their friends. This particular feature is currently not available in US country, you can easily share and transfer your money by using this Snap chat application just in the profile icon camera app you can tap the gear icon and scroll down to setup up snap cash option and easily you can transfer the money.

Getting link with new interface Snap chat

Snap chat it is one of the user friendly application and here you can easily make the drastic changes and determines in online here many new updates will be provided daily and you can easily use the application directly when you open the camera app. After editing it you can easily share through any social media websites and instantly to your friends which will be very helpful to share story. The best part of stories can be personalized and share to any of the publishers which will be very helpful to access the snap map easier way.

Option of disabling snap map

Here even for your privacy purpose you can disable your new snap map feature which was introduced few months ago since lot of people needs privacy. So thankfully this snap map feature disabling option has been introduced which will be very useful for the customers.

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