Best video cropping apps for Android

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When people shoot videos of their friends, family during any occasion they would like to share the footage with others. Some people would like to share the videos as it is,and some photographic passionate guys they love to make changes in their videos with some little modification with the advanced technology called cropping. Cropping the videos with the help of advanced technology has been introduced over the years ago but still now many updated features has been introduced to crop the videos in smartphone Android application server.

What are the reasons to crop the videos on Android?

  • Theremaybe different reasons to crop the videos sometimes people will feel to remove some specific frames does not want to expose it to the world so in such situation they make some effective cropping facilities with the help of professional video cropping application that can easily remove some of the specific frames.
  • You can create professional unique videos to share in the social media websites and to their friends and family. Easily design and crop the application in a different unique way you can create many professional stick videos with high quality and you can also use it for promoting to business.
  • Even this cropping application is used to reduce the timing if suppose videos are too long if you need to reduce the timing this cropping app will be very helpful.

Here in this content let us discuss applications that are helpful to crop videos on Android

Quick video editor

It is a very simple way to develop beautiful stunning videos just tap on the video which you have chosen from the gallery and here you can create in interesting video clips and you can easily modify and various transition effects, titles, music and other unique features to create a different videos to share in the social media websites and their friends and family instantly.


It is an excellent fun video editor that is available in Android community and it is one of the best application that is designed for different type of users it is a unique video application which is very perfect sounds and it is one of the powerful application that has been designed with different video side effects and here you can easily crop the videos which will give you a great experience while using different platforms.

Viva video

It is one of the most popular video editing applications in the industry and it is provided with wide range of functionalities and features to the Android users. Yeah you can easily create new videos with specific functions slideshow; movie editing features is done in a unique way which is very professional application that is used to share the edited videos to their friends and family instantly.


There are many different video editor applications that are available in online which will surely assist you to crop the videos in exiting way with more functionality. With this application you can easily crop the features and instantly can make a new story video with multiple functionalities and features that includes images, soundtracks and photos from other media files that are stored in the Android device. Also have the option of merging videos, cropping and rotating the videos to in direction the application is very simple and easy to use for Android owner.

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