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Build a community around an Instagram hashtag

The amazing thing about this strategy is that it can be used to your benefit across other social networks like Twitter and other social platforms. It currently works so well on Instagram and is the most organic and cost-effective way to get your audience to engage with your brand and drive brand awareness. For example, consider Nike and its winter campaign chooses your winter. Instagram has recognized Nike for having the ability to start a movement with its #runfree campaign. Smaller brands have also gained largely with hashtag campaigns as well.

 Collaborate with a good cause that supports your brand’s values

 In the past few years, few brands have taken a unique approach to their posts by promoting their partnerships .Tip: Please note that Instagram is not as strict as Twitter with its character limits when captioning a photo. That does not mean that you should be writing an entire book novel in each post. A Short crisp post would be effective

Post only relevant content that appeals to your buyer persona

Always think about the mindset of your target customers. You need to think about why they are on Instagram. What appeals to this audience? What content will gain higher engagement?

For example, assume you sell mutual funds and you have found that your clients love cars and always tend to follow popular car brands on Instagram. So do you just post fancy car pictures? You need to keep relevant to what you are selling.  So when you post the picture of a high-end car, you must write a caption-Would you not love to buy this now? You can if you start investing in mutual funds! Call us today for a consultation.”

Instagram has a huge range of business tools to help businesses get a better understanding of how their account is performing. The Instagram tools include account insights like impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, call clicks and email clicks – this feature is available for all business profiles, whether or not they’re paying to advertise. Instagrammers can also get insight into their following base, for instance, the gender breakdown, age range, top locations, and the days and times of the week your follower base is most active. It’s also possible to get more granular information around a specific post by clicking on “View Insights” under the photograph or video. Some information here includes the number of likes, impressions, reach, engagement, comments, and saves.

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