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Constantly Instagram it’s updating with new added features. Most of the people will not know how to use the newly added Instagram updates, Instagram is very excellent and its features and you will get a different type of experience while using new updated Instagram features. Instagram is a popular social media application in which many followers are using it including top celebrities.Here in this content let us discuss in detail about newly added features and how to use it.

Email checker in Instagram

Whatever changes you do instantly you will receive qualification verification in the email at the same point you can easily notify if your page is hacked by any other one. It is one of the easiest trick to keep your page private it’s one of the exciting new feature that is found in the settings mode and you can easily display every messages sent by Instagram for last 14 days. This feature is very helpful for many of the customers which are also very safe to use.

Create interface in Instagram stories

New Instagram updates you can easily add new gifts, timers, Christmas countdown for girls you can easily survive to choose the sticker button manually. It has been introduced mainly to create a funny story in which you have added my recent events that has been happened years ago during this particular day. The second new addition is adding templates which are already free designed in the Instagram story you can leave the space empty to create a new template and you can add your own favorites. The templates add just for fun and which will allow you to share for more personality theory audiences.

Option of removing followers

Yeah you have a wonderful option of removing your unknown followers and fake accounts here you have the option of posting any type of stories. If you have any fake follower you can easily remove it and the process was often called as used for ghost followers.

Dark mode

Dark mode Instagram is operating with IOS 13 and Android 10 it is a very excellent experience working in a dark mode in which most of the customers will love this app. Uses will be very excited to work in the dark mode option and you can easily navigate to the phone settings and when you select brightness and display can easily toggle to dark team option which is very easy to use both in iPhone and Android.

Profile restrictions

It is another very good feature which is mainly used for private purpose you can easily allow the users to block the interactions that are likely spread and if you want to remove for the unwanted reason. If you block to the particular person they will not able to see the comments and they will not able to comment in your account. So you can easily restrict the profiles of unwanted person is one of the important feature which will be very useful to restrict the unwanted accounts.

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