The world’s top 10 most read magazines

Over the course of the  time the web publication has appropriated the printed publication, but the printed publications haven’t yet lost its place, people still prefer reading the printed material over online. Millions of copies are circulated every year in the United States alone. Magazines are something one can have around whilst a set . Magazines gives us various perspectives of the planet , of what’s going around, what’s within the trend immediately , reviews of flicks , books, celebrity gossips,  etc., it also consists of technology, lifestyle, cooking recipes, religious beliefs, health, diets, sports, and what not.

Magazines are something one waits for subsequent issue to ascertain the newest update, trends, it’s something that helps one pass time while traveling. Magazines are very attractive; the images in it are astounding, the glossy pages containing all the content that one is curious about . Magazines convey an excellent deal of data to everyone, it consolidates ones point of view on things.

So here are the highest 10 most read magazines within the world:

10 Family circle

Family circle is one among the oldest magazines which had started earliest in 1932. This magazine targets mainly women as their readers. As the name implies it is a family oriented magazine. This magazine is published for about fifteen times once a year and also it’s American magazine. Family circles magazines are mainly focused with publishing about lifestyle, interior designing, fashion, etc. all the upcoming trends. It has a high subscription annually which is around 35 lakhs all round the world. Thereby this magazine comes under top 10 within the most read magazines within the world. Family circle magazine is that the first Meredith Corporation publication to be within the top list.

9 People

People magazine is American magazine, has the most important readership, which is about 45 millions adults who like to read this magazine. Out of the other American magazines within the year 2011 People had the most important ad revenue with $997 million. This magazine cares with publishing gossips and news about celebrities, what’s happening with the lives of celebrities, any new trend, any new advertisement they’re doing, their previous and current affairs,etc. It is also very well known with the issues that are released on annually basis of Sexiest Man Alive and Sexiest Woman Alive. This magazine had taken its roots from 1974 and Sexiest Man Alive issues started from 1985, so yes it’s a documented magazine that has maintain its standard ever since. This magazine also has online publication which talks about celebrities related stories and got success in that too.

8 National Geography

Obviously National Geography is to be in the list but comes at number 8 in the list as it is not much largely popular in the United States. In the year 2013 this magazine was circulated for about 6.8 million units round the world, though its circulation within the us was around 3.5 million. This magazine is popular for its content which are associated with more academic in nature, it publishes about science, nature, geography, and history. National Geographic is more popular for its photography which is incredible, and with these photos, the magazine being printed is highlight with glossy paper and are of high quality . National Geography magazine started its publication from 1888, and through this point the magazine was wont to keep the general public informed on the good Depression and conflict .

7 Good Housekeeping

This magazine is that the runner-up women’s magazine on this top 10 list of most read magazines within the world. It is published on monthly basis and had begun in 1885, which was originally from uk . The readers of this magazine are all round the world and targets mainly women as their readers. The content of this magazine is about articled on health, diet, nutrients, and recipes of food, fitness, fashion and literary articles also . It has subscription of roughly 5.58million readers everywhere the world . Virginia Woolf, Somerset Maugham, and EdwinMarkham like famous writers have contributed to this magazine.

6 Reader’s Digest

Next we’ve the Reader’s Digest which features a really unique concept and content than all the other magazines that it’s popular, it conveys its publication to much broader audience. Reader’s Digest may be a magazine that’s family-friendly which is read all round the world. It has its readership more in the countries such as Canada and New Zealand, although it was founded in the year 1920 in United States. Mostly wealthy families are used to read this magazine, and has been around for about 100 years now.

5 Better Homes and Gardens

The name itself suggests that the magazine consists mainly of interior designs, houses, gardens, crafting, cooking, dieting, and entertainment. It is a home based economical magazine in the globe. This magazine like Family Circle is published also by Meredith and it is very popular. This magazine has held its title for being the fourth most popular magazines in the United States. It consists of better ideas for any improvement for your homes and gardens, like planting flowers, decorating garden, presenting food in a beautiful way, etc. It was first issued in 1922 and published by Meredith Corporation.

4 Game Informer

In comparison to all the other magazines in the list of top 10 best magazines in the world this is quite a new found magazine. As the name implies it is a magazine that consists of video games that are popular in the magazine thus targeting the audience who love the world of games. This magazine in 2015 had circulation of 7million copies even though it being a new born in the list compared to others. This magazine had begun its publication during1991 but more as a flyer which was on sale mostly in Game Stop which is a well known retailer. It is also very popular with its online publication, but ever since its redesign in the year 2009 there has been a lot of web traffic on this site.


The Magazine For those who are not much known with thismagazine AARP stands for the American Association of Retired People. It is the most popular magazine, which has circulated about 23 million copies, largely in the United States in the year 2015 alone. This magazine rebranded itself in the year 2002 from Modern Maturity to the current AARP. This magazine is published on bi-monthly basis to all of its members. The content of the AARP magazine is concerned with the age and health related problems and also the publication of interviews with older celebrities.

2 Awake

Again this magazine is also bi-monthly published and it is the 2nd most circulated magazine all over the world. It is a religious magazine which is published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. The magazine Awake is available in about 100s of languages and published in nineteen countries, this magazine circulates 55 million copies every two months. It was first issued in 1919 and consists of articles about health, nature, and biblical history. This magazine still follows the old fashion of delivering the magazine to the houses or handed directly to the individual and also left in libraries or any other public places.

1 The Watchtower

This is a religious magazine which is again published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Every two months around 59 copies of this magazine are circulated, and are similar to that of Awake Magazine. The difference is just that the content of Watchtower magazine is concerned with religious purpose mainly unlike the magazine Awake. The content in this magazine consists of biblical history, Christian morals, and biblical prophecies, all about religion. Similarly this magazine like Awake is also handed individually to its readers.

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