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Want to have a beautiful glowing skin, but you think it’s just about skin care. It’s also what you’ll eat. So, you don’t believe me beauty comes on the in and outside. I give you my top five tips for skin food. Okay my five tips for skin food

Number 1. is Stop buying food just somewhere. Do it by yourself. Why? Processed food has a lot of other ingredients inside, which your body doesn’t need. Because it is so important what you eat because it goes through your eight meters of your gut system. And be sure something is sticking into your body. So, you don’t even have to think about what you put on your skin with a full percentage of body area. These body area which pass things your food definitely gets stacked into your body and it’s affecting each single cell in particular also your skin cell. And if this get affected you aging much faster. So processed food means mixed cooked combined with different kind of preservatives conservatives and Sugar.

Buy your own food and eat it by cooking yourself. Or actually raw or really just combining things you love and do it by yourself. If you don’t have the time go to the grocery store and want to buy things which are prepared, look for just cooked, just stir-fried but not breaded. So, for example, I love fish so my number one skin food is a salmon. But and I bought this in a local grocery store because it’s nothing added. It’s really just fine, it didn’t have anything else, no breading no extra sugar. I always look at the labels on the back. Look at the carbohydrate intake and this one in Europe labeled with 100 grams.

In the states you have to be careful because the labels are sometimes per serving size which could be tricky because sometimes it’s a spoon, sometimes it’s a cup. In Europe, we have it normed, so it’s kind of much easier to combine or compare food. So, 100-gram carbohydrates have sugar less than 0.5 which is great. You should look at labels and never eat food higher than 5 grams of sugar. If you buy go to farmer markets, go to your local grocery stores, that way you also can push the local business. And I love mushrooms, they are great for your immune system and which is great for your skin as well and they’re really good for digesting and also, they’re high in zinc. But it’s important where you get them from? so always look from where you get them which is important. So maybe it’s somewhere around you, look for local things. They are anyway so much better.

Number 2. Snacks, I know it’s so important to know what you eat in between your big meals and a lot of us just eat while talking on the phone. Stressed eating or even bored and eating. Why are you eating? Think before you take something into your mouth. Remember? It’s going through your gut system It’s affecting each cell and therefore also your skin cell. So, I love Almonds. Why almonds because they are high in protein, they have a great source all sort of different minerals. And I love to throw them in these plastic bags or any kind of other bags to carry them. So, every time I am little bit in need of something, I eat almonds may be ten of them. Because I would probably eat the whole package if I would pack, even worse I try to minimize this and take 10 or 15 each day. It’s great! And guys not glazed not stacked with sugar. Even not roasted and wet, actually not even salted. So, raw are the best. So, instead of choosing this snack, which is pure sugar and bad for your skin. Also don’t choose raisins. It’s a dried raisin as a dried grape, but it’s dried. The rest is just sugar pure sugar. I mean, this is why you love it because it’s sweet.

 Number 3. Olive oil. Let’s say unsaturated oil. So, flaxseed oil is the best because it has the most unsaturated fats inside. When you ever buy Olive oil never buy it in transperant through bottle why?  Because UV rays is entering the bottle and already destroying all the unsaturated fats. All the good fats get destroyed. So, while using them do not buy until olive oil bottle is covered. Wrap even by a foil or something what is not visible through. And make sure that it’s well covered always close it. So, if you keep it open UV rays is destroying the oil and so it’s useless. So buy olive oil with the right package.

 Number 4. It’s also about what you drink not just what you eat. So, a lot of people I see in the morning with their coke or kind of energy drinks and a cigarette. Let’s talk about the energy drinks. There is no energy except that they are taking your energy because the most thing is sugar. So, you get your glucose level up your insulin level up and then you fall into a big hole and your totally tired. Why sugar is doing this? How does sugar work? It’s a big molecule. It’s big Caramelizing your cells and we said everything destroying your cells is bad for your skin when you eat and you don’t want this.

Therefore, if you want to drink something try to drink water. If it’s really too boring for you add little bit fresh lemon, add a little bit of orange inside add a little bit of Lemon juice inside even make cucumber. It’s so much better than everything else and just look at labels. Don’t say its organic and pure and natural means it’s good. If there’s sugar inside it doesn’t matter. Where you think the sugar comes from? It’s from a cane and is it very organic? No sugar means no sugar.

So even if you buy orange juice and think it’s something good for you guys, it’s not freshly squeezed, you’re not drinking the orange juice just right away after pressing then believe me all oxygen and all UV rays destroys everything inside. And believe me, there’s so much sugar inside, look at the labels, look at the carbohydrates compare them and in orange juice it’s more in 100 gram most of the time more than 50% as pure sugar. Do you really need this? so stick with the water.

Number 5, I love Tomatoes why tomatoes because tomatoes or any kind of colorful vegetables are high in antioxidants. These antioxidants It’s kind of like a protection shield for yourself. It’s on the outside from the inside. So, believe me eating it is so important because you’re taking everything to kind of protects yourself.

Next there was a nice research showing in Berlin university that people who aid or farm eggs or free ranged eggs when compared with people who ate this kind of cheap eggs right from stress chicken. They showed the skin with microscope, they could label the antioxidant level. And these guys who aid free-range eggs had almost a tenfold higher antioxidant level than these guys who ate this kind of very cheap eggs. So nowadays, I’m probably buying the most expensive and most free-range eggs. Or just going next door farmer and buying them fresh, in a certain amount because they have a high intake of antioxidants, but they have to be fresh.

And tomatoes also have a big kind of a high antioxidant level. But tomatoes are actually so much better if you fry them Why because with frying process you get this lycopene which is a big antioxidant, that protects you.

So, what I want to say is you are what you eat. You can spend tons of money on skincare and if you’re not eating the right thing, that’s it. And you will probably say, I’m eating so good, but I’m still having bad skin. I don’t say that just by eating you get a great skin. I am saying it’s one wheel. So, it is like a Swiss watch. A couple of wheels have to move before the big hand is moving and believe me skin food or food is a really big one.

So, I hope you like that. I hope you’ve got a couple of things into your mind. So next time take some almonds. By the way, don’t eat peanuts just like that. If you really like peanuts take them and then open them, last tip.

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