Apple Announces Its 15 'App Store Best of 2020' Inspirational Apps & Games

Apple has announced its App Store picks of the year, putting apps that might have previously gone unrecognized under the spotlight. The impact of the pandemic is certainly reflected through many of the choices. There is a general theme running through Apple’s picks of apps that make life easier, healthier, and more connected.

The App Store’s landscape is constantly evolving, and Apple usually puts an eclectic array of apps on the map every year emphasizing its variety and the year’s trends. However, the App Store choices usually followed a familiar trend of creativity that has remained pretty consistent for the past five years. That isn’t the case this year, with the current state of the world doing more than just contributing to the App Store’s massive revenue.

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According to Apple, the basis for picking the App Store’s Best of 2020 winners revolved around their quality, creativity,

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