Batman/Catwoman Reveals The Third Member of Their Love Triangle

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Catwoman #1 from Tom King and Clay Mann

In the new Batman/Catwoman maxi-series from DC Comics, writer Tom King revisits his 2016 run on Batman with this special 12-issue conclusion featuring the Bat and the Cat’s romance. However, The Joker is also present in this first issue, and his own relationship to Catwoman is explored further, specifically in relation to their shared infatuation with Batman himself. As such, there is a sort of intermingling reminiscent of a love triangle that King forms between the three characters, though not in the traditional sense (this is Joker, Batman, and Catwoman after all).

In Batman/Catwoman #1, the series features three different interconnected narratives taking place at different times. The first takes place during the very beginning of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship, the second sees the pair looking for the son of Andrea Beaumont (The Phantasm), while the third features an older Selina visiting a

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