Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge: Ashlee Christman Wins It All

She didn’t win the Christmas Cookie Challenge on the Food Network because of her name. Ashlee Christman won $10,000 and the title of champion due to her cooking talents and presentation on November 16. Since then, she has proudly shown off her prize cookies, and the check arrived in the mail after the episode aired. This comes after she faced stiff competition from four other bakers.

Christman hails from Centralia, Wash. She owns and operates the Sweet Dough Cookie Co., a vendor for online cookies; with recent events, she says her goal is to spread joy with each delicious bite. Generally, competitors have to do more than show off their edible wares, some of which can win them two rounds and $10,000. They also have to demonstrate they can do more than bake or decorate. Christman recounts that thee hosts — Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson — as well as a guest judge,

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