Marvel Reveals Vision is Basically a Robot Captain America

Warning! Spoiler for Marvel #2 below!

After the events of Marvel #2, “The Vision Unphased,” by Paolo Rivera and Clayton Cowles, we now see a closer kinship between Captain America¬†and Vision.¬†These two heroes have always carried a certain “otherness,” about themselves. Cap with his slightly antiquated yet nonetheless potent personal moral code, and the Vision’s never-ending journey to understand humanity and thus become more human. But both Avengers are more similar than we think.

One character trait and subsequent flaw both Cap and Vision share is their innate sense to care and show concern for their friends, even though oftentimes they both have a bit of difficulty showing it. Like many leaders within Marvel’s teams, Cap shares the same unflinching stoic attitude similar to X-Men’s Cyclops. When it comes to evil rising its head, Cap won’t back down and he won’t look away, especially when it comes to his guiding principles

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