The Real Reason Daredevil Has Gone To Prison in Marvel Comics

Spoilers for Daredevil #25 ahead!

Daredevil revealed the reason he let himself be sent to prison: to set a better example for other heroes. Daredevil dropped this bombshell on his former lover Elektra in Daredevil #25, by writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Marco Checchetto, and colorist Marcio Menyz. The first part of a new storyline titled “The Red Fist,” will explore the fallout from Daredevil going to prison.

Daredevil has found himself in one of the most unique situations he or any other hero has had to deal with: going to prison. In Daredevil’s case, he was locked up for the accidental death of a liquor store robber he was trying to apprehend. And to complicate matters even more, he will be going to prison as Daredevil and not Matt Murdock. In the previous issue, Daredevil pleaded guilty to second-degree murder after learning Elektra had made arrangements for Hell’s Kitchen to be watched over

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