Pixar's Shared Universe: 5 Reasons Why It's Plausible (& 5 Why It's Way Too Ridiculous)

Pixar’s Shared Universe, also known as the Pixar Cinematic Universe, refers to an elaborate document known as The Pixar Theory in which Pixar’s feature films are connected on a timeline. Penned by Jon Negroni, The Pixar Theory first surfaced in 2013 and has since developed into a huge fan phenomenon.

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While Negroni turned his theory into a book, Disney/Pixar decided it was worth their attention and funneled it into their own media. How does a shared Pixar universe still make sense, and what are some of its potential flaws?

10 Too Ridiculous: Creator Says Not To Take It Too Seriously

One big reason that The Pixar Theory doesn’t hold up is that the creator, Jon Negroni, says fans shouldn’t “take any of it too seriously.” Negroni developed the theory as a fun and imaginative way to connect all the Pixar films he loves. Perhaps that’s

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