10 Best Unproduced Screenplays Of 2020, According To The Black List

The Black List is an annual compilation of the best-unproduced screenplays circulating through Hollywood. Such scripts named on the list in the past that have gone on to enjoy great success include Bird Box, Queen & Slim, The Post, All the Money in the World, I, Tanya, and many more.

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Last month, the 16th annual Black List was unveiled after 80 screenplays were read, categorized, and voted on (mentioned). The varying subjects among the Top 10 scripts include ruthless cannibals, 80s-style slashers, foreign coming-of-age dramedies, WWII spy dramas, outer space romances, high-school shenanigans, and much more. Scroll below to find the 10 best un-produced scripts of 2020.

10 Video Nasty (18 Mentions)

The term Video Nasty refers to the description of extreme horror movies in the 1980s too explicit for viewers to watch without warning. In the script written by Chris

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