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For some viewers, the moment they fell in love with Eloise was when she usurped her older brothers’ authority and screamed for her sister Daphne to come downstairs. For others, it was when the second-oldest sister loudly asked how babies were born in her family’s formal sitting room. And still, some waited until she’d finished lamenting that unless her sister “baked” her latest suitor, she hadn’t accomplished anything by getting him.

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In short, at some point, Eloise Bridgerton became the quintessential voice of reason in Bridgerton and acquired legions of adoring fans because of her candor, wit, and spirited attitude. The hit Netflix series may focus on Daphne’s steamy Regency-era romance with the Duke of Hastings, but to many fans, it’s the Eloise Hour, punctuated by her perspicacity and astute observations.

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