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When the FOX series Gotham premiered, a good number of DC fans expected it to be all about the Dark Knight. Just as Smallville had chronicled the rise of Clark Kent/Superman, it would have made sense for Gotham to focus on the rise of Bruce Wayne/Batman. It did, but only in a sketchy manner.’

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Instead, Gotham’s pilot took a different path, hinting that the series was going to place more focus on the rise of Batman villains as well as Batman’s law-enforcement ally Jim Gordon. The premiere—which aired on September 22, 2014—was watched by 8.21 million viewers. But even if you were part of these statistics, you might not recall all the proceedings. Here’s what you forgot.

10 Selina Kyle’s Love For Cats

There is a reason why she is Catwoman. She adores cats, and kinda moves like them too. In the first few minutes of

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