J.T. Walsh's 10 Best Movie & TV Show Roles, Ranked According To IMDb

J.T. Walsh was a brilliant actor who had the ability to infiltrate himself in various movies and roles without making a big scene. Best known for his roles in Sling Blade, A Few Good Men and Dark Skies, in his 23 years as an actor, he accomplished a lot and was nominated for Primetime Emmy for his role in the movie, Hope.

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Sadly, in 1998, the actor passed away from a heart attack at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego. He was a late bloomer and began his career at 31, which arguably didn’t give him enough time to meet his full potential.

10 Dark Skies (1996-1997): 7.7

Dark Skies was a sci-fi television series that first aired in September 1996 and broadcasted on NBC. The storyline of the show surrounded the idea that aliens have lived along with humans for quite some time and that the government has been covering it up.

The story includes the assassination by the aliens

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