New Girl: 10 Best Episodes To Binge For Schmidt And Cece Fans

Though New Girl is all about the found family of roommates living in a Los Angeles loft, there is the inevitable pairing up of some characters. Much of the emotional stories driving the show center around the couples of Nick and Jess or Schmidt and Cece. Fans might have their favorites, but there’s no denying that Schmidt and Cece make a surprisingly perfect pair from very early in the series.

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They face a lot of ups and downs in their friendship – and their romantic relationship – over the course of the show. Schmidt and Cece have a lot of episodes, both funny and emotional, that center on their bond, but these episodes are a great set to binge if a New Girl fan misses their dynamic.

10 S1E05 Cece Crashes

While Schmidt and Cece do interact in the first few

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