SNL Alumni: The 10 Best Performances Of All Time | ScreenRant

While on Saturday Night Live, the cast members are goofy & over-the-top with their comedic performances. However, many of these performers are capable of giving fantastic performances, comedic or dramatic, on other TV shows & movies. Someone like Will Ferrell is a legend on SNL but has given audiences great performances in the film in which he appears.

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Some cast members are even Academy-Award & Emmy winners or gave performances that deserved such prestige. The range of many cast members from SNL is impressive, but often gets underappreciated. Here are the 10 best performances from SNL alumni of all time.

10 Chevy Chase – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Clark Griswold is Chase’s most iconic role and for good reason. He’s a good-natured dad who goes to extremes to make his family happy that often backfire. In Christmas Vacation, he is trying to create the perfect Christmas

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