WandaVision: Kathryn Hahn Is The Greatest Nosy Neighbor, Says MCU Chief

Kevin Feige says that Kathryn Hahn is the greatest nosy neighbor in upcoming MCU seriesĀ WandaVision. Little else is known about Hahn’s character, save her name Agnes. Subtitles have hinted at Agnes’ secret identity, with some purporting her to be Agatha Harkness, a comics character that often appears with Scarlet Witch. There has been no confirmation, though, as to the real origins of Hahn’s character.

When the show premieres, it sounds like Agnes will start off relatively innocent. Promotional materials have given a glimpse into her nosiness. She appears briefly with baked goods in one instance and in 80s like costume in another, indicating that, at the very least, her character changes along with the various episode’s different eras, too. Now, Feige has gone into a little more detail about Hahn’s character, giving away nothing important, but stoking excitement nonetheless.

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DuringĀ WandaVision‘s press day, Feige spoke about

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