Abbott Elementary releases hilarious Season 3 teaser

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By Aprilia Reen

Abbott Elementary releases hilarious Season 3 teaser

Season 3 of Abbott Elementary is on the way and a new teaser was released that shows a hilarious look at the new episodes.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 is coming, and a teaser for the comedy was just released.

PEOPLE shared the ABC show’s glimpse of what is to come. And it looks like a lot of fun is heading our way at school.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 teaser released

The song Welcome Back starts to play in the teaser, followed by Janine (Quinta Brunson) declaring, “This is an excellent school, and your children are learning.” A dad is then seen taking his kid out, saying, “Yeah…right.”

She snaps back, “Yeah! It is right!”

It cuts to a few various scenes. One in particular, you hear an alarm going off.

“Single file line, most flammable kids first,” is announced by a teacher during a fire drill.

The preview is wrapped up with a voiceover saying, “The wait is over.”

It’s not a long clip and doesn’t give too much away, but it appears that there’s going to be the usual shenanigans and more. It’s what fans can expect, and it seems to be on the way to deliver.

The Emmy-winning sitcom did get a taste of what’s to come from an interview with showrunners and producers for The Wrap.

“We’re going into Season 3 with some ideas of an aspect — that I won’t spoil — of the school system that we want to explore a little bit more,” Patrick Shumacker, an executive producer, mentioned. “I think we’re approaching it like The Wire — different facets of this ecosystem.”

The class is in session on Feb. 7 as Abbott Elementary Season 3 premieres on ABC.


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