American Eagle re-acquires 20% stake in NAK project from Orecap

American Eagle re-acquires 20% stake in NAK project from Orecap
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American Eagle (NYSE:) Gold Corp. exercised its option under a Call Option Agreement to re-acquire a 20% interest in the NAK copper-gold porphyry project from Orecap Invest Corp., as announced by Orecap’s CEO Stephen Stewart. In return for the stake, American Eagle issued approximately 7 million shares valued at $1.5 million to Orecap.

The exercise of the call option comes after a year of financial strategy and exploration work. Throughout 2023, American Eagle conducted three funding rounds, including two with Teck Resources (NYSE:) Limited, leading to a substantial share price increase. This financial strategy was lauded by CEO Anthony Moreau as a creative financing approach that has benefited shareholders following the discovery at NAK.

The Call Option Agreement was originally signed on October 11, 2022, between American Eagle and Orecap. This agreement facilitated Orecap’s acquisition of a 20% interest in NAK upon completion of $1 million in exploration work obligations. To fund this initial drilling and avoid high dilution, American Eagle sold Orecap the 20% stake option in NAK when shares were valued at $0.025.

Following the completion of the drill program in December 2022, Orecap acquired the interest in NAK under an agreement dated December 10, 2021. A month before announcing NAK’s significant discovery hole, NAK22-01, an option was predetermined for American Eagle to repurchase the 20% stake at $1.5 million as part of a financing arrangement.

On October 19, 2023, American Eagle obtained shareholder approval to repurchase the 20% NAK project interest from Orecap with a cap on the number of common shares issued for this repurchase. Today’s exercise of the call option marks the culmination of this strategic financial maneuver.

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