‘Babylon 5’ Creator J. Michael Straczynski Inks Deal with Dark Horse Comics (Exclusive)


J. Michael Straczynski is getting into business with Dark Horse Comics. Straczynski will launch various creator-owned work with the publisher that will span graphic novels, miniseries and ongoing series.

Straczynski is a veteran of the genre space. On TV, he created Babylon 5 and co-created Netflix’s Sense8 with The Wachowskis. In comics, he has penned runs on The Amazing Spider-Man, Superman and Captain America. And in the feature film space, he has worked on World War Z, Thor and Changeling.

According to Straczynski, Dark Horse boss Mike Richardson has given him the mandate to write whatever he wants.

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“First up will be an international, geopolitical thriller that blends science fiction with the superhero genre in a way we really haven’t seen before. It’s going to be a huge story with massive global and personal stakes,” Straczynski in a statement. “This will be balanced by individual character stories designed to challenge the tropes of the superhero genre, building on what I did with books like Supreme Power, Midnight Nation and Rising Stars and taking it to the next level.”

He will also delve into other genres.

“There will be titles in the modern dark fantasy and historical fantasy genres, along the lines of Neil Gaiman’s Chivalry, also from Dark Horse,” said the scribe. “Stories about strong characters that are challenging and fun, not nihilistic or too terribly dark. To that end, I’m proud to be part of the Dark Horse family of writers, artists, and other ne’er-do-wells.”

Richardson added in his own statement: “I’ve known Joe and have been a fan of his work for years. He’s had great success as a writer in both comics and television, and I’m very excited that he’s decided to bring his latest creator-owned projects to Dark Horse. We’re all looking forward to seeing what he’s got up his sleeve–we know it’s going to be something special.”

The announcement comes as Straczynski’s animated feature Babylon 5: The Road Home prepare to screen at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday.


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