Best smartwatch and fitness tracker deals for Amazon Prime Day 2023



If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your wearables, now’s a good time to score a deal.

Woman holding a purse while modeling the Stripes watchface on the Apple Watch SE (2022)

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Whether you’re looking for an Apple Watch, Android smartwatch, or maybe even a plain old fitness tracker, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime Day 2023 is a great time to snag discounts on smartwatches and fitness trackers alike. This is especially true if you’re a budget-savvy shopper looking to upgrade to nicer materials, like titanium cases and sapphire crystal displays.

Sifting through Prime Day deals for wearables can be a bit of a headache. There are so many sizes, colors, and feature sets to choose from! But we’ve rounded up the best here so you don’t have to. Just keep in mind you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to partake. And when you’re done here, you can always head back to our Prime Day deals guide for some more shopping inspiration.

Apple Watch Series 8 on its side on a mirror.

Apple Watch Series 8 on its side on a mirror.

The latest smartwatch from Apple features watchOS 9 along with Crash Detection and temperature sensors that enable menstrual cycle tracking.

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for iOS users — and all versions of the Series 8 are about $100 off their normal price.

  • The 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8 is 25 percent off at $279 in midnight. You can also get it in starlight, red, and silver.
  • If you need LTE, the 41mm GPS and cellular Apple Watch Series 8 in midnight is going for $379, which is 24 percent off its normal price. You can get it in red, starlight, and silver, too.
  • At $309, the larger 45mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8 is $120 off in red. It’s also available in silver, midnight, and starlight.
  • Want a bigger watch with LTE? The 45mm GPS and cellular Apple Watch Series 8 is now $409 in starlight, silver, red, and midnight.
  • If you want nicer materials, you can get the 41mm GPS and cellular Apple Watch Series 8 in gold stainless steel with a starlight strap for $579. (Normally it’s $699.) There are also silver stainless steel and graphite stainless steel options.
  • The larger 45mm GPS and cellular Apple Watch Series 8 has stainless steel options for $629 (normally $749) in gold, silver, and graphite.
  • And if you want the fanciest option, you can get the 45mm GPS and cellular Apple Watch Series 8 with a stainless steel case and Milanese loop in gold, silver, and graphite for $679.
The Apple Watch SE (2022) with the Artist watchface

The Apple Watch SE (2022) with the Artist watchface

The Apple Watch SE (second-gen) is a great gateway Apple Watch for first-time buyers. It lacks EKG, the always-on display, and blood oxygen monitoring but otherwise gets you a very similar experience.

For the more budget-conscious, all versions of the Apple Watch SE are $50 off their usual price.

  • The 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE (second-gen) is down to $199 (usually $249) in midnight and starlight. The LTE version is $50 more at $249 (usually $279) and is available in silver and midnight.
  • The larger 44mm GPS Apple Watch SE (second-gen) is $229 in midnight and has silver and starlight options as well. The LTE versions go for $279 and come in midnight, silver, and starlight.

Android users — we gotchu. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Google Pixel Watch deals.

Pic of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on a plant

Pic of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on a plant

Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship smartwatch has EKG readings, body composition analysis, turn-by-turn navigation, and a new body temperature sensor. 

  • At $151.05, the 40mm Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is 43 percent off in black. There are also pink and purple versions for $159.99.
  • At $229.99, the 40mm Bluetooth and cellular Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is $100 off in pink.
  • At $170.05, the larger 44mm Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is 45 percent off in gray.
  • At $379.99, the 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is $70 off in black.
  • At $249.99, the Google Pixel Watch is $100 off in black and silver. Meanwhile, the LTE version is available for $289.99 (usually $399.99) in silver.

Google’s first in-house smartwatch has a beautiful domed display and native Fitbit integration for health tracking. It comes with six months of Fitbit Premium and three months of YouTube Music. Read our review.

  • The 44mm Fossil Gen 6 is 42 percent off at $183.53 with metal links, while the Venture Edition is 35 percent off at $192.29.
  • The 42mm Fossil Gen 6 is $299.99 (usually $319) in rose gold with a mesh metal strap.

  • The already affordable Amazfit GTR 4 is $30 off at $169.99. This is a great Fitbit alternative if you want maximum bang for your buck.
  • If you want a no-frills fitness band, the Amazfit Band 7 is a mere $37.99 (normally $49.99) in black. There’s a pink and white version, too.
  • The Garmin Epix 2 is $300 off at $599.99 (usually $899.99) in slate stainless steel (update 1:20PM ET: low stock!). If you want something slightly lighter, you can opt for the white titanium version for $100 more at $699.99 (normally $999.99).

  • The Fitbit Charge 5 is down to $99.95 (usually $149.95) in black,steel blue, and lunar white.

Update July 11th, 6:30PM ET: Checked prices and stock.


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