Boeing highlights F-15EX potential at Dubai Airshow

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By Robert Fofana

Boeing highlights F-15EX potential at Dubai Airshow
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Boeing (NYSE:) is showcasing the capabilities and international prospects of its F-15EX fighter jet at the Dubai Airshow, following the arrival of two Qatar Emiri Air Force Boeing F-15QA fighters on Friday. The F-15QA, a variant that forms the basis for the U.S. Air Force’s F-15EX, represents a significant upgrade with new sensors, modern avionics, a new mission computer, and a redesigned cockpit. This display comes amid ongoing discussions with several countries interested in the advanced aircraft.

The U.S. Air Force has already received three out of a planned 144 F-15EX units from Boeing. The latest model promises enhanced payload and range capabilities, attracting attention from various air forces worldwide. On Saturday, Boeing elaborated on plans to upgrade legacy F-15s, which include installing new electronic warfare equipment to complement the existing powerful features of older models.

In Asia-Pacific, Japan and South Korea are considering upgrades to their F-15 fleets. Singapore currently operates 40 F-15SGs, while Indonesia has made a non-binding commitment for 24 F-15EXs. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s Royal Saudi Air Force, with a sizable fleet of 232 F-15s, is contemplating replacements for its aging Tornado fighters and is in discussions with Eurofighter and Dassault. However, Boeing remains hopeful about further sales to Riyadh.

Qatar recently expanded its fleet with 36 new F-15QAs, and Israel has formally requested 25 units of the F-15EX to update its fleet of 87 older model F-15s. Globally, six international air forces operate a total of 658 F-15 aircraft. Boeing is also positioning the F-15EX as an option for Poland as it looks to phase out Soviet-era planes.

Although foreign military sales of the F-15EX are currently paused due to recent conflicts in Israel, Boeing is actively seeking new opportunities in the Middle East and beyond. The company’s participation in the Dubai Airshow signals its commitment to expanding its global footprint in fighter jet sales.

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Boeing, a prominent player in the Aerospace & Defense industry, has been experiencing an accelerated revenue growth of 23.34% over the last twelve months as of Q3 2023, according to InvestingPro data. This may be attributed to various international prospects and upgrade plans for its F-15EX fighter jet, as highlighted in the article.

However, it’s worth noting that the company’s gross profit margin stands at a relatively low 11.44%, suggesting potential challenges in profitability. This is further supported by the InvestingPro Tip that analysts do not anticipate the company will be profitable this year.

Interestingly, despite some financial challenges, Boeing’s market capitalization is considerable at 118.97 billion USD, showcasing its significant presence in the market.

For those considering investment, it’s essential to note that the company is trading at a high EBIT and EBITDA valuation multiple, indicating a potentially overvalued stock. Additionally, the company’s share price has fallen significantly over the last three months.

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