Dillon Danis insists he will APPEAL his disqualification defeat to Logan Paul due to ‘multiple offences’ after security entered the ring early in the final round

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  • Paul beat Danis by disqualification after the latter tried to pull the former to floor
  • Security was on high alert amid bad blood between the men in fight’s build-up
  • Danis said he will appeal to final result on Monday ahead of speaking out again 

Dillon Danis has insisted that he will appeal his disqualification defeat to Logan Paul that took place on Saturday evening.

An end was called to proceedings when the MMA man tried to take down his opponent illegally, having previously tried to do the same in an earlier round, with both attempts unsuccessful.

Paul was then given the win but was majorly ahead on all judges’ scorecards anyway, with his controversial opponent often refusing to throw any punches throughout the match.

Danis was slammed for his performance after the amount of verbal insults and online attacks he aimed at Paul and his fiance Nina Agdal in the build-up to the bout in Manchester. 

Paul slammed his opponent afterwards, calling him a ‘coward’ among other things and seemed to be ready to move on from the rivalry, but that may not be the case for a while yet.

Dillon Danis has insisted he will appeal his disqualification defeat to Logan Paul from Saturday

Security, reportedly Paul's, entered the ring seemingly entered the ring early on in the sixth round unauthorised

Security then flooded the ring to stop the fight after Danis again tried to illegally take Paul down later in the round

‘There was multiple offenses I’ll be submitting my appeal to the commission today,’ Danis posted on social media on Monday, replying to a video of a member of Paul’s security team entering the ring early in round six.

The fight was ended after floods of security entered the ring following Danis’ attempted takedown, with members of Paul’s security on high-alert following the bad blood between the two men prior to the fight.

There was a wall of bodyguards between the men as they were in the ring before the bout, with Paul refusing to touch gloves with the 30-year-old despite insisting he forgave him for his actions.

It is widely accepted that no external persons are permitted to enter the ring during a fight unless instructed to do so by a referee, such as a medical professional and coaches during rounds.

Paul (left) out-boxed his opponent and was ahead of every judges' scorecard before the end

Danis resorted to trying to tackle his opponent illegally with the former MMA man on his way to defeat in the match

The closing scenes saw floods of security in the ring, though the final result could yet change

The video Danis was replying to showed a member of security briefly stepping into the ring as Danis wrapped his arms around Paul and dragged him to the ground at the start of the round, before the fight was called off.

Paul criticised his opponent for his takedown efforts after, saying: ‘He was supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu, what happened bro?

‘He scuffed the takedown, tried that. Tried the guillotine, scuffed that. I’m sorry it ended like this but that just shows Dillon Danis is a coward. He is a dirty, dirty human being.’

Danis will speak further on the fight on an episode of Piers Morgan Unsensored this evening. 


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