Emmanuel Acho’s ranking of the best six NFL teams only included three

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By Aprilia Reen

Emmanuel Acho’s ranking of the best six NFL teams only included three

FS1’s Emmanuel Acho has certainly garnered quite a reputation for his takes and opinions. However, when it came to his weekly top-six NFL rankings on Tuesday’s episode of Speak, he lacked the conviction to even pick six teams for his “Acho’s Pick-Six.”

Acho was there to present his picks for the top six teams in the NFL  His first three selections came largely as no surprise. The San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and the Dallas Cowboys were listed in the top three.

When it came to the final three teams in the rankings, though, Acho couldn’t come up with anyone worthy enough to make the list.

“Now, here is where it gets good,” said Acho. “Because the top three is fairly easy. Four, five, and six were very close. At number four, I. At number five, don’t. At number six, know. Because I got no earthly idea who the fourth, fifth, and sixth-best teams in football are.

“Is it the Browns? Can’t call it. Is it the Dolphins? Just lost. Is it the Chiefs? Just lost also. Is it the Lions? Just lost to the Bears. Is it the Bengals? They ain’t got a quarterback. Is it the Bills? They on a one-game win streak. You tell me, I have no earthly idea who the other best teams in football are.”

As Acho stated, a number of the teams near the top of the standings did fall in Week 14. That said, it’s a wee bit lazy to not even attempt to name the rest of the top-six teams. And you could make the case that stepping out on a limb at a time when many of those teams are losing is what the audience is tuning in to see.

Perhaps even crazier is that Acho didn’t even acknowledge the Philadelphia Eagles, a team tied for the best record in football with the three teams he did rank. Sure, they just lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, but it seems reasonable to assume they’re still among the top six teams in the NFL.

Hopefully Acho is able to fulfill the basic requirements of his ranking system next week. 45

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