Episode 4: The Clinic


Susan Burton and

Laura Starecheski and

After the nurse is sentenced, patients file a lawsuit against the fertility clinic at Yale. The nurse, Donna, is just one person. There is an entire institution that needs to account for what went wrong.

How did the system fail in such a huge way? How did Donna get away with what she was doing — and how long was she doing it for? The lawsuit said that Donna was stealing fentanyl for a lot longer than the five months she claims.

And what about the pain patients felt during retrievals?

We go inside the Yale clinic to find out what staff members can tell us about the failings and to try to make sense of that pain from the perspective of doctors and nurses.

Erik Tanner for The New York Times

Susan Burton is a longtime staff member at “This American Life,” where she has produced, edited and reported some of the show’s most memorable episodes about women’s experiences. She is the author of the memoir “Empty.”

Carla Pallone is a composer based in France. After classical training as a violinist, she performed in the bands Mansfield.TYA and VACΛRME. She now composes music for cinema and the theater, and has written music for films including “La Fille au Bracelet,” “Libre Garance!” and “Midnight Skin.”

Reported, produced and hosted by Susan Burton
Produced and edited by Laura Starecheski
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Special thanks to Erik Tanner, Pierre Cattoni, Lee Riffaterre, Katie Fuchs, Jordan Cohen, Victoria Kim, Jason Fujikuni, Kimmy Tsai, Ashka Gami, Nina Lassam, Jon McNally, Krystal Plomatos and Sam Posner.


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