Gaza, horror in hospital: newborns dead in a state of decomposition

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By Blegug Nan

Gaza, horror in hospital: newborns dead in a state of decomposition

Dead newborns, in a state of decomposition, in the intensive care unit of al-Nasr hospital in the northern Gaza Strip , still attached to the tubes that were supposed to keep them alive. Those obtained by CNN are ''chilling scenes'', where diapers and bottles are seen on the beds next to the corpses of at least four newborns. CNN explains that the images were shot last November 27 by Mohamed Baalousha, a journalist from Gaza who works for the United Arab Emirates newspaper Al Mashhad. Some newborns filmed are little more than skeletons, while flies and maggots are seen on the body of a newborn .

Northern Gaza was unreachable to journalists for days due to intense fighting, but the video obtained by CNN was shot during the truce between Israel and Hamas. Since the beginning of November, Al-Nasr and Al-Rantisi children's hospitals, which are part of the same complex, have been on the front lines of the fighting. The medical and healthcare staff of al-Nasr said they had to evacuate quickly on November 10 under pressure from the Israeli army. Doctors have admitted they were forced to abandon newborns in intensive care because they were unable to transfer them safely.

A doctor at al-Nasr hospital told CNN on condition of anonymity that a two-year-old and a nine-month-old had died shortly before the evacuation, but that three children were alive and on ventilators. One of those left alive was two months old. According to the doctor, many of the children admitted to intensive care suffered from genetic diseases. In a video dated November 9, the medical director of the Al-Nasr and Al-Rantisi pediatric hospitals, Dr. Mustafa al-Kahlout, said that the Al-Nasr hospital had been ''hit twice'' resulting in ''a lot of damage ''.

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