Google’s Trial Heats Up + How to Wear A.I. + It’s Our Birthday!

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By Ketrin Agustine

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The antitrust trial against Google has led to some of tech’s biggest players testifying in court, and things have gotten spicy. The New York Times reporter Cecilia Kang tells us the wildest moments in the trial so far.

Then, A.I. is jumping off the screen and into your wardrobe. Has the personal assistant of the future finally arrived? Or a dystopian panopticon?

Plus: happy first birthday, Hard Fork! Kevin and Casey share some lessons learned.

Photo Illustration by The New York Times; Photo: Valentyn Volkov/iStock

Today’s guest:

  • Cecilia Kang covers technology and regulation for The Times.

Additional reading:

  • Microsoft’s chief executive told the court the internet is really the “Google web.”

  • A.I. wearables like the Ai Pin from Humane are turning heads on the runway.

  • OpenAI is in talks with Jony Ive to build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence.”

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