Howie Long doubts Bill Belichick media move, despite appreciating his humor

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By Aprilia Reen

Howie Long doubts Bill Belichick media move, despite appreciating his humor

While Bill Belichick is “on to Kansas City,” his NFL future very much remains in doubt. While Robert Kraft ultimately has the final say on whether the 71-year-old head coach returns to New England for another go-round, it remains to be seen whether or not the future Hall of Famer would continue coaching if the two sides were to part ways.

Belichick could also go another route; he could be the latest head coach to join the media. Even Al Michaels recently speculated if Belichick would team up with his former quarterback, Tom Brady, at Fox for the 2024 NFL season and potentially beyond.

It seems like Howie Long is among the few in the media who may share a similar vision.

“You rarely catch Bill, and Bill’s a funny guy; you just don’t see it,” Long said during a recent Up and Adams show appearance. “If you play there, Bill walks around, and he’s a walking one-liner…Gronk has talked about it, and Julian Edelman has talked about it. He’s got that whistle and spins his finger around, ‘Gee, Julian, what are you doing for God’s sake? You know who Wally Pipp is?’ Of course, Julian or whoever (Wes Welker) doesn’t know who Wally Pipp was at that time. Bill’s a funny guy. He’s a lot funnier than people think.”

While Fox already has several former Patriots players — Edelman, Brady, and Rob Gronkowski — on their team, host Kay Adams wonders if Belichick would be a good fit for the network.

“On that set? See, I don’t know. I saw Bill in a small window on (College) GameDay, and he was very funny,” Long said. “You have to understand that Bill is a historian, not just about football, but with sports in general, and grew up around the Naval Academy. He’s really, really, really big on the military and the history and all that. For him to put that helmet and kind of step out of the Bill Belichick mold and into kind of more of someone you can relate to; and I’m sure Bill could do it if he wanted to. But he’s so close to that record. He understands history, and I think he’ll probably continue to coach. I’d be shocked if he didn’t.”

Whether Belichick will choose to work as a TV analyst or continue coaching on the sideline remains to be seen. Unfortunately, his future endeavors will likely be just as unpredictable as his personality. However, Long believes Belichick, who has won 332 games in his career, will coach until he surpasses the legendary Don Shula. Belichick needs 15 more wins to tie Shula’s record of 347 wins and 16 more to top it.

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