The Sports Channel without Stanowski loses viewers. "You can't lie to reality"

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By Blegug Nan

According to data from the Socialblade platform, which collects statistics from many social media profiles, the Sport Channel has recently been recording declines in the number of subscriptions and views of individual materials. This is probably related to the departure of Krzysztof Stanowski, which he announced in mid-October this year.

Fewer subscriptions to the Sports Channel

Still in the first half of November this year. 1.12 million people subscribed to the channel. Today it is 1.04 million , which means a decrease of 80 thousand . We have already informed that these are the first significant declines in this respect in the four-year history of the Sports Channel.

Subscription declines began from the moment it was published on November 10 this year. film by Krzysztof Stanowski "Why I left the Sport Channel" on the WełościTV channel.

View numbers are also dropping

Socialblade data shows that over the last month, the Sports Channel recorded almost 10.9 million views of all its programs. This is a decrease of 12.4%. compared to the previous monthly period (until mid-October this year, Krzysztof Stanowski was still recording his programs). Since Stanowski's departure, KS has not recorded 3 million plays of materials in any week, and in the second half of October it had to broadcast new programs from the reserve channel Kanał Sportowy Extra for 7 days.

As a result, in the last week of October, the content on the main channel recorded only 1.4 million views. And when the premiere programs were broadcast on the main channel from the beginning of November, the number of views in the following weeks was 1.98 million, 2.48 million, 2.75 million, 2.28 million and 1.64 million.

The Sports Channel without Stanowski loses viewers. "You can't lie to reality"

Previously, more than three weeks with less than 3 million views happened to the Sport Channel almost a year ago – at the turn of December and January , when much less is happening in the world of sports, so the channel does not show as many programs as usual. Moreover, a year ago the "KS Poranek" program, which appeared in the schedule in April this year, was not broadcast yet.

The data quoted are plays of all content on the Sports Channel, including archived ones.

Expert: The channel had to lose without Stanowski

– I expected a drop in the numbers on the Sports Channel side. On the one hand, we can talk about Stanowski's PR success, as he presented his departure. On the other hand , he showed actual numbers that defend him. Today we can say clearly that the numbers did not lie and still do not lie. If his programs had the greatest reach, the channel without Stanowski's participation must have lost money. You can't lie to reality – says Dr. Katarzyna Kopeć-Ziemczyk, a communication and PR expert and media expert, in an interview with the portal.

After leaving, Stanowski published the following entry on X/Twitter: "Everyone is counting everything today, so out of boredom I also counted: how many of the most popular programs of Channel Sportowy I appeared in. It's a good time for such a summary, because there will be no more productions. Well, I can be happy with myself! I took a closer look at the 400 programs with the highest views. It turned out that there are 307 films with my participation in the TOP400.

There is a downward trend in the case of the Sports Channel, but this is not yet the moment of truth for this channel . The end of the year is approaching, and a moment later Krzysztof Stanowski will launch his project on YouTube. This will be a real moment of verification for both channels, says Dr. Kopeć-Ziemczyk.

Expert on the ideas of Channel Zero and Channel Sports

Channel Zero, according to Krzysztof Stanowski's announcement, is to be launched on February 1, 2024. Adam Pawlukiewicz from Pentagon Reserach, where he is responsible, among others, for the analysis of sports sponsorship, however, he believes that Kanał Zero and Kanal Sportowy are not the best solutions.

– It seems that both channels will try to imitate multi-topic television and this is a very big mistake. The Internet viewer has completely different expectations. Programs should be based solely on the personalities of the hosts and guests. Reading the weather forecast on the Internet can only be good satirically, because it is an ineffective copy of traditional television – says Pawlukiewicz in an interview with the portal.

Two years ago, we informed that the research company Pentagon Research, as part of cooperation, would prepare a product placement effectiveness valuation system for Channel Sportowy. As a result of the cooperation, Channel Sportowy was to have its own platform for verifying the effectiveness of the marketing message, thanks to which it was to price product placement based on constant, independent research of its formats.

– For now, it is clear that Stanowski, speaking in the language of my youth, "plowed" the Sports Channel a bit with his statement about the reasons for leaving KS. On the other hand, the silence on the part of the current owners of KS is a wise strategy not to continue this topic publicly – points out Dr. Kopeć-Ziemczyk.

A few hours after publishing Krzysztof Stanowski's recording, in which he explained his departure, Mateusz Borek, Tomasz Smokowski and Michał Pol took part in another program from the "Hejt Park" series in Radom. They commented on the film in a very limited way. – We come to the conclusion that it is better to be silent at some point than to talk too much – said Tomasz Smokowski. – I don't want to create an unnecessary spiral – added Mateusz Borek.

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Together with Krzysztof Stanowski, the following also recently left Kanał Sportowy: journalists Kamil Gapiński, Robert Mazurek and Przemysław Rudzki. Stanowski's recent photos on X/Twitter show that they will cooperate with him in Kanał Zero.

– It is also worth noting that the people who have already left Channel Sportowy may be good professionals, but they do not have the charisma that could attract hundreds of thousands of views, let alone millions. The departure of these people may, contrary to appearances, be beneficial for Channel Sportowy. The new shareholder, Maciej Wandzel, will look at the whole thing with a cool eye and will be guided by purely economic criteria, says Pawlukiewicz.

It was the businessman Maciej Wandzel, in the past one of the shareholders of Legia Warszawa, who took over 22.5% from Krzysztof Stanowski. shares of Channel Sportowy. – I would really like the Channel to focus on high-quality sports content. Personally, I think it would be better to have less political content, Wandzel told

Will Michał Pol's new program be a hit?

In recent days, a new program "Hunting" by Michał Pol has appeared on the Sports Channel. The first episode is over 20 minutes long. Michał Pol pointed out that this is his vlog and subsequent episodes will appear irregularly. – When I feel pressured to comment on something, it's not necessarily from the world of football or sports – he said.

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In the first episode of "Hunting", Michał Pol talks about, among others: about the online popularity of the first sessions of the new term of office of the Sejm, the recent record holder of "One of Ten", as well as football topics: the controversy surrounding the last match officiated by referee Szymon Marciniak and the probable penalty that will be imposed on Legia Warszawa after the match with Aston Villa.

– I decided to start commenting on reality not only in sports. Please let me know your reviews, whether it was a good idea and any suggestions! As for comparisons, I'm not imitating Stan, because he is inimitable, he couldn't even be imitated. I just decided that sometimes I have to express my opinion – he said in a comment under the first episode.

Krzysztof Stanowski created three programs with his comments in Channel Sportowy. In "Stanowisko" he talked about sports events (mainly football), and in "Dziennikarski zero" and the series run together with Robert Mazurek – mainly about political, social and economic topics.

– The key to success will be the answer to the question of what charisma the host will show in this program. Many people today may look at it critically, as a copy of Krzysztof Stanowski's "Dziennikarski Zero", but perhaps Michał Pol will conduct it in such an interesting way that people will be convinced of his way of communicating. However, it may also happen that it will not be accepted and viewers will reject it as a kind of copy. I always say in marketing and PR that everything we undertake must be consistent with our current activities. There is no point in imitating others. If Michał Pol finds his own path in this program and it is consistent with it, success is definitely possible. Its recipients will also be different than in the case of Krzysztof Stanowski and "Dziennikarski Zer" – analyzes Dr. Katarzyna Kopeć-Ziemczyk.

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From programs broadcast since mid-October this year. the most popular is "Hejt Park" from Arłamów, in which Mateusz Borek, Michał Pol and Tomasz Smokowski briefly commented on Stanowski's departure – it recorded approximately 500,000. views. Mateusz Borek's first interview from the "Interrogation" series with Michał Probierz was viewed over 430,000 times. times, and several other programs – approx. 200 thousand times each. The first episode of "Hunting" by Michał Pol published on December 2 this year. currently has almost 92 thousand. views.

Last year Channel Sportowy more than doubled its revenues to PLN 24.07 million, and its net profit increased from PLN 1.6 to PLN 5.57 million. It paid the shareholders (the others are Michał Pol, Tomasz Smokowski, Mateusz Borek and the company's president, Maciej Sawicki) PLN 4 million in dividends.

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