Logan Paul v Dillon Danis dragged into chaos as MMA fighter now says he’ll fight opponent’s brother Jake after insisting Paul did not turn up on time to be weighed… despite Logan’s snap on the scales

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By Ketrin Agustine

  • Logan Paul was set to face off against Dillon Danis on Saturday in Manchester 
  • However, Danis has accused his opponent of breaking rules around the weigh-in
  • He claimed he will now be taking on Paul’s younger brother Jake instead

Dillon Danis claimed he will now fight Jake Paul after saying his hotly-anticipated fight with Logan Paul should be cancelled, accusing his opponent of breaking the rules surrounding their weigh-in.

The MMA fighter and Youtuber-turned-boxer co-headline the highly anticipated night of boxing in Manchester on Saturday alongside KSI and Tommy Fury. 

The build-up to the fight has been shrouded in controversy with Danis executing a staggering campaign of personal attacks on Paul, while he then struck him in the face with a microphone at their final press conference.

However, the fight appears to be up in the air after Danis launched a series of posts on social media insisting Paul had breached regulations over their bout before tweeting that he will face Jake instead.

Replying to some earlier trash talk from Paul, Danis had said: ‘Fights off you missed weight.’

Logan Paul v Dillon Danis dragged into chaos as MMA fighter now says he’ll fight opponent’s brother Jake after insisting Paul did not turn up on time to be weighed… despite Logan’s snap on the scales

Dillon Danis has claimed his hotly-anticipated fight with Logan Paul should be cancelled after accusing his opponent of breaking the rules of their weigh-in

He insisted his arch-enemy Paul had missed the 11AM deadline to complete his weigh-in

Paul then replied with a video of him on the scales coming in at 194.3lbs which caught the ire of his opponent who said: ‘He claims he made weight, but it doesn’t count. The rules are the rules.

‘If he wants to be viewed as a genuine boxer, he needs to follow the 11 o’clock deadline. Look at the time he posted. It’s not fair; I had to follow the rules, and he isn’t an exception.’

He continued in another post: ‘The commission’s rules state that weigh-ins are between 10 and 11. If you miss the 11 o’clock deadline, you’ve missed weight. I weighed in at 10:15, but Logan still hasn’t. 

‘The commission said that if he doesn’t arrive by the 11am deadline, the fight is off. He missed the weight, but then called misfits and changed the rules to give himself an extra hour. 

‘We should be on an even playing field, he shouldn’t get special treatment. He’s already got more juice than Tropicana. He missed the weight, plain and simple. They’re trying to handicap me as much as possible.’

Danis then went on to add: ‘This isn’t complaining. What is fair is fair. No drug tests, breaking the weigh-in rules – I ain’t nobody’s b****. I run the show. F***Logan Paul.

‘This fake commission is paid for by KSI and Misfits. They do whatever they say to get paid. This whole thing is a bunch of bulls***.’

He tweeted a fight poster of him opposite Jake Paul and claims that he will be fighting the younger sibling of his original opponent instead. It remains to be seen if that will be the case but Jake Paul posted: ‘I have a surprise for Mr. KSI.’

Danis launched into a tirade of posts on social media outlining what Paul had done wrong

However, Paul proved he had been on the scales, with the WWE star coming in at 194.3lbs

Meanwhile, ahead of the fight, rapper Drake bet £696,000 on Paul to prevail against Danis, with the ‘One Dance’ star potentially earning around £1.1million if successful.

However, this again caught the ire of Danis who slammed the prediction as he wrote on X, formerly Twitter: ‘850 on my head is disrespect.’ 

Elsewhere, Danis’ physical outburst towards Paul on Thursday sparked fears the WWE star may be forced to withdraw from the bout. The pair engaged in a verbal row before Danis connected cleanly on Paul’s forehead with the microphone. 

Paul was taken off stage immediately, holding his head in his hands, and Danis took to social media shortly after the incident to share a photo of blood on the floor. 

However, Paul’s business partner KSI confirmed to Mail Sport that Paul was ‘fine’ and able to fight on the weekend. 


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