Rain Forecast for Vermont and N.Y., Bringing Possible Risk of More Flooding


More flooding isn’t certain, but it is possible.

A moderate risk of excessive rain capable of causing flash flooding is forecast for southern Vermont and a portion of upstate New York on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Light rain Thursday morning was expected to ease before thunderstorms approach the area in the afternoon. These storms could drop rainfall at a rate of two inches or more per hour. Some areas could get up to five inches relatively quickly.

“Additional heavy rainfall will pose a rapid increase in the risk for flash flooding following the intense rainfall and flooding earlier this week,” forecasters with the Weather Prediction Center said Thursday morning.

This rain might not be as bad as what fell earlier in the week, but forecasters are concerned about any rain that falls on the saturated ground.

Vermont and much of New England are still recovering from the floods this week — the result of seven-day precipitation totals that were 300 to 600 percent above normal — and remain vulnerable to flooding, forecasters said.

Observed rainfall





10+ inches

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Source: National Weather Service Notes:  Values are in inches of water or the equivalent amount of melted snow and ice. By Bea Malsky and Martín González Gómez

Thunderstorms on Thursday also bring at least some risk of hail, high winds and even the possibility of tornadoes.

Not for a few more days. There is a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday and Saturday, and another round of heavier rain is possible Sunday. Waves of rainfall also are possible through next week.


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