Saudi Production Powerhouse Telfaz11 Reunites with Front Row on Toronto-Bowing Thriller ‘Mandoob’ (Exclusive)

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By Joshephira Honey

Fast-rising Saudi studio Telfaz11 has reunited with distributor Front Row Arabia following their record-breaking release of Sattar, which earlier this year became the most successful Saudi film of all time.

Front Row Arabia — a partnership between regional distributor Front Row Filmed Entertainment and Saudi exhibition chain Movie Cinemas — will now release Telfaz’s latest feature Mandoob, a darkly comic Saudi thriller directed by Ali Kalthami, which he co-wrote with Mohammed Algarawi. The first trailer has also been released for the film, which is scheduled to hit theaters across Saudi Arabia on Dec. 14.

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Mandoob, which premiered in Toronto, follows a struggling Saudi man whose life takes an unexpected turn when he’s fired from his call center job and is forced to make ends meet working as a delivery man in the depths of the local underworld.

The film is produced by Telfaz11 Studio and supported by the Red Sea Film Foundation’s production support fund. Executive producers are Alaa Faden, Wael Abumansour, Mohammed Alhamoud, and Abdulrahman Jarrash Al-Qahtani, alongside Chawki Knis.

Telfaz11’s Sattar, which world premiered at the Red Sea Film Festival in 2022, became a smash hit in local cinemas, knocking Avatar: The Way of Water from the top of the box office on its way to amassing a record-breaking $11 million at the global box office, the highest ever for a Saudi feature. On home soil, it beat almost all major Hollywood releases, including Barbie.

See the Mandoob trailer below:


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