Shocking moment farmer blasts Channel 4 Cheat Detectives star Liv Shelby when she asks him to slow down for her horse

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Shocking moment farmer blasts Channel 4 Cheat Detectives star Liv Shelby when she asks him to slow down for her horse

  • Liv Shelby tried to explain to the driver her horse Selina had never seen a tractor
  • But the irate farmer leapt from his vehicle to yell: ‘Never tell me how to drive’

Shocking footage has emerged of an angry farmer berating a Channel 4 star after the presenter asked him to slow down for her horse on a country road.

Liv Shelby was out walking three-year-old horse Selina near Manchester last Friday – the animal’s first time out on the road – when a man in a tractor allegedly flew round a corner.

The Cheat Detectives star, known for her ‘loyalty testing’ videos in which she honeytraps unsuspecting unfaithful men, waved to the driver and tried to explain that her horse was scared, saying: ‘She’s never seen a tractor.’

But the irate farmer opens the door of his farm vehicle and gestures at her, yelling: ‘Do not wave at me, little girl. Get that horse out of the way now.’

He then slammed the door as Liv sought to comfort the young horse, telling her as she guides her along the road to a lay-by: ‘Good girl, it’s alright.’

But moments later, as she guides the horse to safety, the farmer slams on the brakes and hops out of the John Deere, shouting at her: ‘Never, never tell me how to drive.’ 

He adds: ‘I’ve been coming down here…I respect everybody and I’m not coming fast.

What does the Highway Code say about driving around horses? 

Rule 215 of the Highway Code states that drivers should be ‘particularly careful’ around horses, driving at a maximum of 10mph.

The Code says: ‘Be patient, do not sound your horn or rev your engine.

‘Look out for horse riders’ and horse drivers’ signals and heed a request to slow down or stop. 

‘Take great care and treat all horses as a potential hazard.’

Source: The Highway Code


‘You can’t control that,’ he says, pointing at the horse.

As Liv tries to explain that her horse had never seen a tractor, he yells: ‘Shut up! I’m talking to you! Alright? So, do not wave like that again at me.’

Liv replies: ‘I just said slow down. I only said slow down.’

The driver then says: ‘I know when to slow down, I’ve been driving around here for 50 years, alright?’

Exasperated, Liv says: ‘Alright.’

Selina whinnies as the man then turns round to go back into his tractor, before issuing one final threat: ‘Don’t do that again.’

He then climbs in his tractor and drives away as Liv turns the camera to Selina, who is huddled next to Liv.

Liv reassures her again as the furious farmer drives off.

Taking to social media, Liv shared the shocking footage, writing: ‘Spreading awareness to people, you need to slow down for horses.

‘What this man did was illegal, threatening and bullying.

‘My poor pony is only three years old, her first time on the road and we were completely bullied to get out of the way.’

She later praised Selina as the ‘best pony ever’ after the horse stayed relatively calm throughout the tense encounter. 

The footage received over 2.7 million views, 220,300 likes and more than 13,300 comments from users quick to lend their support to Liv. 

Channel 4 star Liv Shelby with her horse Selina. She posted footage of the encounter online to raise awareness of the need to drive carefully around horses

Selina after her ordeal. Liv has praised her as the 'best pony ever'

Liv Shelby's followers took to social media to lend her support, telling her she did the right thing in standing up for herself against the aggressive farmer

One person wrote: ‘Farmer here. In full support of you. You did the right thing, definitely didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that.’

Another said: ‘I know it’s harvest time and I’m flat out in the big Magnum and baler but I stop for horses regardless, everything else is cannon fodder.’

A third commented: ‘You handled that so well. Nobody should ever be spoken to in such a way.’

Another added: ‘I wish you hadn’t backed down. Should not have spoken to you like that. Hope you’re okay.’

A fifth wrote: ‘I bet that was so scary. You did really well keeping you and her calm.’

Liv Shelby is best known as a TikTok ‘loyalty tester’, recruited by women to test the loyalty of their partners as a digital honeypot.

She shares the results of her traps online, but claims she doesn’t charge for her services, only asking for permission to share anonymised screenshots of the private conversations she has with unfaithful men.

Amid the growth of the phenomenon, Liv appeared in a Channel 4 documentary last year entitled Cheat Detectives: The Loyalty Test.

The programme examined how she and others like her end up driving couples apart by exposing cheating lads who are all-too-happy to message other girls while in committed relationships.

She told filmmaker Daisy Maskell of breaking up relationships: ‘I just think because of my own experience of boys…they’re not the only one. There’s other boys, so you can just leave.’

In an update on Tuesday, Liv shared that the man has since been spoken to by the police, who claimed he was ‘terrified’ of repeating his actions.

And she has since hit back at trolls who claimed she couldn’t control her horse.

In a follow-up video on TikTok, she wrote: ‘Not controlled where? Pushing a tractor up her a** and she was still controlled. Better behaved than some 10 year olds!!’

Earlier this year, a driver in the Yorkshire Dales was jailed for two years after mowing down a pony riding instructor in front of her two children.


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