Simon Levi – British Citizen, Israel Tour Guide

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By Joshephira Honey

Levi Simon, a seasoned tour guide, boasts an undying passion for showcasing the breathtaking allure of Israel to the world.

Originating from Bristol, nestled in the serene landscapes of England’s south-west, Levi’s childhood was steeped in adventure. His days were often filled with the thrill of climbing trees, embarking on explorations that led him to hidden gems, and incessantly quizzing the world around him. Raised within the Jewish community, Levi’s comprehension of the profound significance of his Jewish identity blossomed following encounters with anti-Semitism in England, shaping his perspective on life and his heritage.

In 2016, Levi’s journey took a monumental turn as he made a decisive move to Israel. Answering the call of duty, he became an integral part of the IDF’s esteemed special forces, dedicating three formative years to serving his nation, culminating in the rank of Non-Commissioned Officer.

Post-military service, Levi’s insatiable curiosity for diverse cultures and distant lands propelled him on an odyssey across the Far East. From the vibrant tapestry of China to the cultural riches of Vietnam, the idyllic allure of The Philippines, the cosmopolitan splendour of Singapore, and the enchanting landscapes of Thailand, his travels broadened his horizons. However, amidst these adventures, Levi’s heart yearned for the resplendent beauty and tranquillity of Israel. A magnetic pull drew him back to the land he deeply cherished, igniting an unquenchable desire to delve into its enigmatic depths.

Returning to Israel, Levi wasted no time in enrolling in courses facilitated by the Ministry of Tourism, driven by an insatiable hunger to unravel the intricate tapestry of Israel’s expansive history. His feet traced the ancient paths of the land, absorbing its narratives and nuances, forging an even deeper bond with the tapestry of Israel’s story.

Embarking on his journey as a guide, Levi’s focal point became Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the nation. Within its ancient walls lay a melting pot of diverse ethnicities, each weaving their unique tales into the vibrant fabric of Israel’s cultural mosaic.

Embark on an unforgettable expedition with Levi as your guide, immersing yourself in the profound cultural heritage and rich history of Israel. Through Levi’s lens, this captivating country will unfold, leaving you with a newfound reverence for its illustrious past and vibrant present—much like the transformative experience that Levi himself underwent.

Simon Levi – British Citizen, Israel Tour Guide


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