Sony’s comfy LinkBuds S earbuds are at their lowest price for a limited time

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By Aprilia Reen

The white Sony LinkBuds S wireless earbuds and their charging case sitting on the edge of a wood table.

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You might think that two weeks before Black Friday is a bad time to get the best prices on tech, but with so many deals dropping early it doesn’t hurt to be shopping ahead of schedule. For example, the Sony LinkBuds S wireless earbuds have once again dropped down to their lowest prices. You can get Sony’s ultra-lightweight and comfy buds in black for just $108.80 ($90 off) at Newegg. Or, if you prefer brighter color options, Amazon, Target, and Sony also have them in white and blue for around $128 ($72 off).

The LinkBuds S are all about comfort, with each earbud weighing in at under five grams. These noise-canceling buds are great for wearing for long stretches, like a lengthy commute — especially since they can automatically switch between noise cancellation mode and a transparency mode that lets you hear your environment more clearly.

The white Sony LinkBuds S earbuds resting on a table outside their case, beside a plate of food.

The white Sony LinkBuds S earbuds resting on a table outside their case, beside a plate of food.

These waterproof earbuds from Sony can automatically switch between ambient sound and noise cancellation based on your environment. They also feature support for the LDAC lossless audio codec.

The Nanoleaf Lines are on sale in a nine-light starter kit for a new low price of $149.99 ($50 off) at Best Buy and Amazon. The smart LED lights can add some dramatic accent colors to your walls, with 60-degree lines that create angular patterns of colored light. Nanoleaf lights can be set up to sync with music, mirror the color on a screen, or to just set a unique mood. You’ve likely seen many styles of Nanoleaf lights in the backgrounds of various YouTubers and Twitch streamers, but you don’t have to be a content creator to admire their funky looks.

The Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit comes with an adapter and nine LED light bars, allowing you to add color to your wall in a variety of patterns. The lights can also sync with your music and mirror the colors on your display or make use of an assortment of preloaded scenes via a companion app.

Samsung’s flagship slab phone is once again on sale for its best price since last month’s Amazon Prime Day. You can get an unlocked Galaxy S23 Ultra with 256GB of storage for $899.99 ($300 off) at Amazon. The S23 Ultra may not seem as fancy as Samsung’s latest folding phones, like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, but the Ultra has pretty much everything you may want in a phone. If you like your phones big (like, 6.8 inches big) and want them to have top-class specs all around with a bunch of cameras and even a stylus — the S23 Ultra is your bag. Samsung’s flagship also takes some of the best photos around, with 30x zoom that’s actually usable and the best Portrait Mode subject cutouts around. It’s just a whole lot of phone, and now for a good chunk less money.

Samsung S23 Ultra standing upright on a table in front of two notebooks and a plant with the home screen on.

Samsung S23 Ultra standing upright on a table in front of two notebooks and a plant with the home screen on.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra offers a huge 6.8-inch screen, built-in S Pen stylus, two telephoto cameras, and a top-notch Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. It’s pricey, but there’s nothing else quite like it on the market. Read our review.

  • I don’t know that I should encourage this, but if you really, really find yourself fancying a pair of Dyson Zone noise-canceling headphones / personal air purifier, you should know that Woot is selling them for $419.99 ($280 off). Yes, you too can pretend you’re Bane with these ridiculous headphones that don’t really protect your lungs from pollutants quite like you’d expect. But, hey, if you insist — you might as well save some money. Read our review.
  • The Amazfit Band 7 is selling for its lowest price of $34.99 ($15 off) at Amazon. The basic fitness band is a no-frills, super inexpensive alternative to fancier smartwatches that nails the basics of activity tracking while lasting up to two weeks on a single charge. Read our review.
  • Samsung’s T7 2TB external SSD is on sale for $134.99 ($45 off) at Best Buy. The external drive connects via USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type C connector) and can reach read speeds of a respectable 1,050 MBps.
  • It’s not a huge discount, but the Sonos Roam and Wireless Charger Bundle has dropped in price to $199 ($29 off) at Best Buy and direct from Sonos. The Roam is Sonos’ smallest portable Bluetooth / Wi-Fi smart speaker, and the included charger is perfectly sized for its base, so you can keep it topped off and just pick it up when it’s time to move along with your tunes. Read our review.
  • The original Apple Watch Ultra is on sale once again for its lowest price of $679 ($120 off) at Amazon. This version of the titanium-built 49mm smartwatch comes with the orange Alpine loop strap. It does most of what the newer Ultra 2 version does, but it costs less. Read our review.


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