The best October Prime Day deals under $50

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By Aprilia Reen

The third-gen Echo Show 5 turned on while on a desk in front of the window during a rainy day.

Amazon’s fall Prime Day event is underway. For more deals we recommend across all categories, check out our full roundup here.

So far, we’ve seen some pretty good deals during Amazon’s fall Prime Day event, from noise-canceling headphones to laptops. Many of these gadgets are not particularly cheap, however, so unless you have a few hundred lying around, a lot of these deals might feel out of reach.

Don’t feel too disheartened, though, because Amazon is offering plenty of budget-friendly deals if you know where to look. In fact, we’ve found a bunch of discounted gadgets, from magnetic chargers and PlayStation 5 games to inexpensive fitness trackers and fun smart speakers, many of which could make for great holiday gifts. Best of all, we guarantee none of them suck because we can vouch for each and every one of them.

To help you better sift through Amazon’s deluge of cheap tech, we’ve rounded up the gadgets that are on sale for less than $50.

The Echo Pop is Amazon’s newest Alexa-enabled smart speaker. It offers a unique semi-sphere form factor and can function as an Eero mesh Wi-Fi extender. Read our review.

The fifth-gen Echo Dot touts a temperature sensor, better sound, and faster response time than the prior model. It can also act as an extender for your Eero Wi-Fi system. Read our review.

  • Amazon’s latest pair of Echo Buds are on sale for $34.99 ($15 off) at Amazon. The wireless earbuds lack noise cancellation — a hallmark of the aforementioned 2021 model — but offer a semi-open design, which should make it easier to remain aware of your surroundings.
  • The JLab Go Air Pop are on sale for $16.44 (about $9 off) on Amazon. The wireless earbuds offer decent sound quality for their price, along with IPX4 water resistance and up to 32 hours of battery life, making them a well-rounded pair for less than $20.

Sony’s adorable SRS-XB100 speaker offers USB-C charging, a built-in strap, and great sound for the price, rendering it a terrific travel speaker or home office companion.

  • Skullcandy’s Jib True 2 are on sale at Amazon for $27.99 ($12 off). That’s not quite their all-time low of $16.99, but it’s still a good price for a pair of wireless earbuds that feature perks like built-in Tile tracking and IPX4 dust and water resistance.

Roku’s Streaming Stick 4K maintains its simple interface that puts your apps front and center and adds support for Dolby Vision HDR. Read our review.

  • The last-gen Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is also on sale for $22.99 ($27 off) at Amazon. The older streaming stick isn’t as powerful as the 2021 model, but it still offers support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10 Plus.
  • Amazon’s Alexa Voice Remote Pro is down to $29.99 ($5 off) at Amazon. The backlit remote, which integrates well with Alexa, comes with a useful remote finder feature and a pair of customizable buttons that can be mapped to any app installed on your Fire TV. Read our review.

The Amazfit Band 7 resting on a table.

The Amazfit Band 7 resting on a table.

The Amazfit Band 7 is an unassuming, basic fitness tracker with a bright OLED display, long battery life, and an incredible feature set for the price. Read our review.

Colorful Tile Pro hanging from a key ring on a hook

Colorful Tile Pro hanging from a key ring on a hook

The Tile Pro is the company’s loudest Bluetooth tracker and has the widest range at 400 feet. It also has a user-replaceable battery, unlike other Tiles.

Eufy SmartTrack Card on top of a colorful notebook

Eufy SmartTrack Card on top of a colorful notebook

The Eufy Security SmartTrack Card works with Apple’s Find My network, comes with a clip, lets you know when you’ve left it behind, and can ring your phone even if it’s in silent mode.

  • Epicka’s Universal Travel Adapter One is on sale at Amazon for $18.39 (about $7 off). The adapter will come in handy if you’re planning on traveling internationally this holiday season. It comes with four different plugs that allow you to use it in over 150 countries, ranging from the UK to Japan, along with four USB-A ports and one USB-C port.
  • The new AeroPress Clear is down to a new low of $39.95 ($10 off) at Amazon. The portable coffee maker — which is the same as the original model but uses clear plastic — comes with a pack of 100 filters, a filter cap, a stirring paddle, and a measuring scoop. 

LifeStraw’s basic filter removes unwanted viruses, bacteria, and microplastics as you drink, giving you a safe way to hydrate no matter where you are.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is an excellent turn-based strategy game that pairs classic Mario characters with the chaotic Rabbids for an encore performance.

Screenshot from God of War Ragnarök featuring Kratos gently touching the face of his teenage son, Atreus

Screenshot from God of War Ragnarök featuring Kratos gently touching the face of his teenage son, Atreus

While Ragnarök’s third-person action gameplay feels similar to its predecessor, its story is far more ambitious. As Kratos wishes to bury his past, he’s trying to convince his young son, Atreus, not to follow a tempting path at discovering his godhood and defying prophecy. Read our review.

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a budget-minded wired controller for Xbox and PC that connects via Micro USB and features two customizable buttons on its rear. It’s offered in many different colors and licensed designs.

  • Curious what all the fuss over Marvel’s forthcoming Spider-Man 2 game is about? Right now, you can grab a copy of the Spider-Man: Miles Morales spinoff for the PS5, which includes a remaster of the original game, on sale at Amazon for $39 ($20 off). Read our review.
  • Fans of the HBO show The Last of Us can currently pick up Part I of the series for $45.99 ($24 off) on Amazon. The PS5 version is essentially just a remake of the original game released in 2013 but with faster load times and better visuals. Read our review.


A roguelike third-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of Selene, an astronaut tormented by a seemingly never-ending time loop. Read our review.

Nintendo Switch console shown with Hori’s Split Pad Compact controllers plugged in.

Nintendo Switch console shown with Hori’s Split Pad Compact controllers plugged in.

The Hori Split Pad Compact offers a comfortable grip for using your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode without the added bulk that comes with the Split Pad Pro. Read our hands-on impressions.

  • The Nintendo Switch version of the tactical RPG Octopath Traveler II is on sale at Amazon for $43.49 $42.98 ($20 off), which is one of the better prices we’ve seen on the game.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is on sale at Amazon for $29.99 ($40 off). The family-friendly game doesn’t exactly reinvent the series, but it’s one of the best entries so far thanks to great graphics, fast loading times, and clever gameplay mechanics. Read our review.
  • You can pick up a copy of Demon’s Souls, a PS5 remake of FromSoftware’s Souls-like masterpiece from 2009, for just $29.99 ($40 off) on Amazon.

This Samsung Evo Select microSD card offers 512GB of extra storage for a Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or Asus ROG Ally at a good price point.

The remake of the 2005 classic, first launching on the Nintendo GameCube, is a massive graphical overhaul that stays true to its horror action roots.

  • You can buy PowerA’s Pokémon Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch with Snorlax’s face on it for $14.99 ($13 off) at Amazon, the best price we’ve seen on the cute accessory.
  • The Nintendo Switch version of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is down to just $29.99 ($30 off) at Woot.

Metroid Dread is the fifth mainline entry in Nintendo’s storied franchise. The 2D side-scroller is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion, a Game Boy Advance title from 2002. Read our review.

Inspired by the animated cartoons of the 1930s, Cuphead is a platformer and bullet-hell game with a stylish nod to old cartoons. It’s also an unforgiving platformer with a high skill ceiling and little room for error. The Nintendo Switch cartridge version includes the Delicious Last Course DLC expansion, adding Ms. Chalice as a playable character.

The new Echo Show 5 is just as small as its predecessor but features updated mics and a speaker system that delivers double the bass and clearer sound quality.

Sengled’s Wi-Fi bulbs offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings for simple, hub-free use.

Blink’s Video Doorbell is the best if you’re looking for a budget-friendly buzzer that offers motion-activated recording and alerts, night vision, two-way audio, and up to two years of battery life.

  • The 1080p Blink Mini camera is on sale for $19.99 ($15 off) at Amazon. The ball-and-socket mount can easily be mounted to a wall and features USB-C support, but beware that cloud storage will cost you extra if you don’t already have a Blink subscription. Read our review.
  • The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is on sale at Amazon for $49.99 ($50 off). The 1080p security camera offers local storage options and a nice design, and if you sign up for a Blink subscription plan, you’ll be able to take advantage of on-device processing of people alerts.

With the MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control, you can open and close your garage door from any location using your smartphone.

The excellent Apple Home-compatible Meross Smart Power Strip is down to $32.54 with an on-page coupon. You get four sockets and four USB ports, all controllable through Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home.

  • You can buy a pair of Kasa Smart Plugs on Amazon for about $12.49 ($8 off). Kasa’s plugs allow you to add modern smarts to more traditional gadgets, thus giving you the ability to set schedules and control them with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • The Echo Glow is available at an all-time low of $16.99 ($13 off) on Amazon. The Alexa-enabled smart lamp for children plays music and can cycle between colors with just a tap; it can also automatically dim when it’s bedtime.

Amazon’s Smart Air Quality Monitor touts a compact design, voice alerts, and automated triggers that allow it to turn on air purifiers and other Alexa-enabled devices. It lacks a display, however, and pairs best with an Echo device. Read our review.

Amazon’s apt-titled Smart Plug doesn’t require a hub and lets you add Alexa functionality to any outlet, allowing you to control a range of devices with just your voice.

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Anker’s 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) holding up an iPhone with its kickstand on a desk.

Anker’s 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) holding up an iPhone with its kickstand on a desk.

A portable power bank with magnetic wireless Qi charging, a convenient folding kickstand, and a USB-C port for wired charging.

An iPhone propped up horizontally by the kickstand of a Belkin MagSafe charger on a table with a prop skeleton sitting in a chair and looking at the phone.

An iPhone propped up horizontally by the kickstand of a Belkin MagSafe charger on a table with a prop skeleton sitting in a chair and looking at the phone.

Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro with MagSafe supports 15W fast wireless charging with MagSafe-compatible iPhones and has a lengthy 6.6-foot built-in cable. Its 15W charging speeds and little kickstand make the BoostCharge Pro with MagSafe the best all-purpose magnetic charging puck.

Qi wireless car charger with a one-touch mechanism and foot that adjusts to fit large and extra-large smartphones up to 3.7 inches.

The Original Tamagotchi is a virtual creature you can feed, play with, and care for — or discipline when needed.

Catan CU (promo image)

Catan CU (promo image)

The iconic board game classic that has players strategically competing and trading for resources.

The ChomChom is a reusable cat and dog hair remover that works great for furniture.

  • The latest Amazon Fire 7 is on sale at Amazon for $39.99 ($20 off) with ads and 16GB of storage. The seven-inch tablet offers the lowest screen resolution of any model in Amazon’s current Fire lineup, even if it’s sharper than its predecessor. It’s also slightly faster, making it a good budget pick for watching movies or reading digital books. Read our review.
  • The Rocketbook Core is on sale for $20.39 (about $14 off) at Amazon. The 32-page reusable smart notebook makes it easy to take handwritten notes and save them in Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud-based services.
  • The Anker 715 Charger is on sale for $29.91 ($20 off) $33.99 ($16 off) at Amazon, which is a new all-time low. The compact 65W charger offers one USB-C port but is powerful enough that it can charge a 13-inch MacBook Air.
Hand holding a nasal aspirator in front of a colorful background of childrens’ toys and books.

Hand holding a nasal aspirator in front of a colorful background of childrens’ toys and books.

The Grownsy snot sucker comes with three interchangeable soft tips for a good fit and provides three levels of suction. Your kid might still hate it, but at least one of you will have an easier time with it.

A lengthy USB-C cable that delivers 100 watts of power, which is enough to power a full-size laptop like the 16-inch MacBook Pro when plugged into an adequate power adapter.

Update October 10th, 9:05PM ET: Added additional deals, including a deal for a pack of two Tile Pro location trackers, and removed or struck a few deals that are no longer available.


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