Travis Barker shows off latest gory hand injuries on Instagram while on Blink-182 tour

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By Ketrin Agustine

While many artists give their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ in the creation of their art, Travis Barker appears to pay the price with more blood than most due to all banging he does on the drums.

On Sunday, the Blink-182 drummer proved that point once again when he shared a series of three snaps highlighting his bloodied hand moments after the band rocked some 21,000 fans at AO Arena in Manchester, England.

The one up-close photo showed his tattooed hand covered in blood, which seemed to be coming from the three blisters on top of his pinky, ring, and middle fingers.

There’s also a piece of tape visible that ties his middle and ring fingers together, which is part of his prep ritual before each show.

This is just the latest in a string of gory finger injuries Barker has suffered over the years that he showcased with photos and videos on his Instagram page.

Travis Barker shows off latest gory hand injuries on Instagram while on Blink-182 tour

Giving blood, sweet and tears: The Blink-182 drummer showcased the blisters on top of three of his fingers moments after rocking out for some 21,000 fans

The musician also directed his camera down to one of his pant legs covered in his own blood. It turns out the blood dripped from his hand during the concert.

Barker, 47, would also stand in front of a full-length mirror for a selfie snap showing him still dressed in his stage outfit for the Manchester show.

On this night he donned black Dickies pants, matching sneakers, and a white Sex Pistols t-shirt that read: ‘Anarchy in the UK’ across the top of it.

The tee also has the image of Soo Catwoman (born Susan Lucas), who was one of the early Pistols fans who was associated with the London punk subculture, with her trademark Catwoman haircut.

By wearing the Sex Pistols t-shirt, Barker was likely paying homage to the OG punks’ famous show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester on June 4, 1976.

It is considered a major catalyst for the Manchester Post-Punk movement, as well as one of the most pivotal events in music history, which was documented in the film 24 Hour Party People (2002).

While scores of people alway maintain they were at the famed gig, there were a number of people who confirmed to have been there that went on form bands as part of the new punk rock movement, according to Far Out Magazine.

Along with the Buzzcocks and Slaughter And The Dogs, who opened the show, the crowd consisted of future members of Joy Division, New Order, The Fall, The Smiths, and Tony Wilson, who founded the renowned music label Factory Records.

Giving blood: It turns out the blood dripped from his hand during the concert, leaving a large stain on his pant leg from the middle of his thigh to his knee

Price to pay: Just three weeks before his latest finger injuries, Barker posted a photo of him highlighting several more blisters on the inside of both of his hands

Road dogs: Barker and Blink-182 were touring through Europe at the time he shared the picture of his hands with blisters; it's likely he's pictured in Vienna, considering the band played there on September 20, three days before the post

Just three weeks before his latest finger injuries, Barker posted a photo of him highlighting several more blisters on the inside of both of his hands.

‘Well that was fun,’ he joked in the caption of the post that also included picture of him behind his drums playing a massive show, another of the band posing together, as well as one of him riding his bike with a coffee in hand.

Luckily, Barker will soon have plenty of time for his hands to heal. Blink-182 has one more show at AO Arena on Monday, October 16, before they wrap up the European leg of the World Tour 2023/2024 and head to Las Vegas for gigs on October 21 and 22.

They will then take a break from the road for about three-and-a-half months, which is perfect timing for Barker and his pregnant wife Kourtney Kardashian, who are awaiting the arrival of their first child together during that time period.

Beat master: Barker is know to be a heavy hitter when it comes to playing the drums

Reunited: The Blink-182 reunion tour began on April 14, and currently it's slated to go through until April 6, 2024, although there's always a chance more dates could be added or subtracted

Hyped: Barker showed his enthusiasm when coming off stage during the European leg of the reunion tour in late September

More gore: The Fontana, California native announced he has injured his ring finger while rehearsing for the World Tour 2023/2024 in late February

Painful: In the post, Barker showed a video of him getting his finger pulled and pushed in different directions to try and get it back to normal

All done: Barker eventually had surgery to fix the injury to his ring finger before heading out on the current tour that ended up kicking ogg on April 14

Barker and the red of Blink-182 are slated to restart the tour in Perth Australia on February 8, 2024.

The Oceania leg, consisting of 15 shows in five cities Down Under, also includes two concerts in New Zealand before taking a short break.

At this point, the World Tour 2023/2024 is scheduled to conclude with four concerts in Mexico City, Mexico, in early April, but there’s alway a chance of dates being added or canceled.

Blink-182 are poised to drop their new album One More Time… on October 20; their first since reuniting with the band’s co-founder Tom DeLonge, who had left the band a second time in 2015. 


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