TVP 4K will resume broadcasting in June. The offer includes, among others: Euro 2024

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By Ketrin Agustine

TVP 4K will resume broadcasting in June. The offer includes, among others: Euro 2024

On the occasion of the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022, as well as Euro 2020, played due to the pandemic in 2021, Telewizja Polska broadcast the TVP 4K channel on digital terrestrial television. The station was also available on the Canal+ digital platform and selected cable networks. TVP 4K was supposed to broadcast regularly from November 2022, but the new president of TVP, Mateusz Matyszkowicz, modified the duty sheet. It was decided that TVP 4K should resume broadcasting in 2024.

TVP 4K will also show films and series

The public broadcaster has the rights to broadcast Euro 2024, as well as a sublicense from Warner Bros. Discovery for 4K broadcasts from the Summer Olympics in Paris. The first event will last from June 14 to July 14 next year, and the second from July 26 to August 11. On the TVP VOD streaming service in Ultra HD quality you can watch, for example, the series "Erynie".

Due to Euro 2024, Telewizja Polska plans to resume broadcasting the TVP 4K program in June and July. The program will be broadcast from 6 to 23, and its cost is PLN 36 million. The broadcaster does not specify whether it plans to broadcast it regularly throughout the year. 70 percent the schedule is to be filled with broadcasts and rebroadcasts from the European Football Championship, 10%. drama, action and historical films and series. TVP does not mention the Summer Olympic Games in its plans – explains Prof. in an interview with Tadeusz Kowalski, member of the National Broadcasting Council.

The TVP 4K channel was very popular during the last World Cup. Nielsen data shows that the average audience for the final Argentina-France match on TVP 4K was 383,000. people, which translated into 2.53 percent. market share. 1.05 million people watched the channel in 4K quality for at least one minute.

However, the matches are in Ultra HD

During the August Sky Sport Summit 2023 conference, Tim Achberger from Sportcast revealed that UEFA was to abandon the broadcast of Euro 2024 in Ultra HD quality. Karl Petermichl, head of the distribution department of the Austrian public broadcaster ORF, confirmed these revelations on Twitter. – Unfortunately, I have just received confirmation from the Euro 2024 production committee that there will be no UHD production in Germany – wrote Petermichl. As the portal unofficially determined at that time, Telewizja Polska also received a signal about the possible lack of transmission in 4K.

However, Wolfgang Metze, responsible for the individual clients department at Deutsche Telekom, recently announced that Euro 2024 matches from Germany will be available in 4K quality. – Our television offer includes the most modern, most personal and best sports coverage in Germany. MagentaTV is the only platform that will show all 51 matches of the tournament. Five matches will be shown exclusively on our channel. The EM total option is only available on MagentaTV. On three exclusive EM channels you will be able to watch the most extensive live broadcasts of all matches in UHD quality – he said.

Deutsche Telekom is the supplier of the 5G network for the needs of the tournament organizers, the sponsor of the European Football Championship and the holder of television rights in Germany. The operator is expanding the network of transmitters in 430 places where fans can appear. The company will also provide fiber optic services in UEFA broadcast centers. Thanks to it, it will be possible to show live matches around the world. The company is laying 50 kilometers of optical fibers in ten stadiums. In total, over 600 Deutsche Telekom technicians will work during the tournament.

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