'Long live anti-fascist Italy', the gallery attendant at La Scala: "Repentant? Not even a little"

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By Blegug Nan

'Long live anti-fascist Italy', the gallery attendant at La Scala: "Repentant? Not even a little"

'Long live anti-fascist Italy' . Marco Vizzardelli , the loggerhead identified by Digos after shouting the phrase at La Scala, had no doubts the following day: "Repentant? Not even a little, I would say it again. I can't help but be embarrassed in front of a La Russa, a president of Senate that keeps certain things at home and says certain things. There was nothing prepared, it's a phrase that came out on autopilot after Mameli's anthem, among other things in a calm manner, it wasn't shouted '', he explains to Adnkronos-

''I am surprised by everything starting from the arrival of Digos. For having said a constitutional sentence, Digos arrived. They told me that identification was a matter of practice but I was a bit taken aback", he says reconstructing the facts. "At that point they told me that if I didn't identify myself I would have committed a crime. 'I didn't commit a crime because I said 'Long live anti-fascist Italy', I would have committed it if I had said 'Long live fascist Italy'. I said something constitutional and obvious,' I replied. The officers laughed and told me that they also agreed very much but their job was to proceed with the identification. So we also did it very amicably'', he continues.

Is it possible that the identification was not linked to the sentence? "I don't believe it, I have doubts. I want to think that since it was the first of the Scala, there were many politicians, there was some movement in the square, even if it was much quieter than in previous years, perhaps the Government saw fit to send a lot of Digos in a precautionary manner. I have never seen so much Digos as this year".

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