WWE’s Becky Lynch vows to prove she’s ‘the best to ever do it’ versus Nia Jax

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By Aprilia Reen

WWE’s Becky Lynch vows to prove she’s ‘the best to ever do it’ versus Nia Jax

For the longest time, Nia Jax has been the albatross around Becky Lynch‘s neck.

Sure, “The Man” has accomplished a ton as a member of the WWE Universe, Main Eventing WrestleMania, selling a ton of merchandise as a crossover star, and arguably transcending gender to become the top WWE Superstar for a non-insignificant period of time when John Cena was off doing his acting and fans fill booed a pre-Tribal Chief version of Roman Reigns, but one thing she never did was wrestle Nia Jax, the woman who broke her nose and changed her career forever.

If given a chance to actually wrestle Jax at some point in the future, would Lynch be able to prove that she’s actually worthy of her “The Man” moniker, dispatching the biggest challenge in the WWE as part of the process? Or would Jax prove that Lynch’s run was nothing but a fluke and ruin her confidence in this incredibly pivotal period of her professional wrestling career?

Marching down to the ring on RAW after Jax used up some of her solo promo time in the ring, Lynch let the “Irresistible Force” know that she doesn’t much care about her plans or desire to compete in the 2024 Royal Rumble; all anyone cares about is seeing “The Man” put Jax down.

“Well you did say one thing that was true: I am the moneymaker for this company, but that is because I will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. So it is not ‘them’ that is preventing this. It is not ‘them’ that is scared of what will happen. It is you,” Becky Lynch told Nia Jax and the WWE Universe. “Because your entire existence here has been on the back of somebody else’s name. First, it was your cousin’s, and now it is mine, because while I will go down in history as the greatest to ever do it, your only claim to fame is that you broke the nose of the greatest to ever do it. And so you don’t want this fight because then that all goes away. Then there is no the woman who made ‘The Man.’ There’s just the person who lost, but to the greatest to ever do it. But if you want to prove me wrong, then all you have to do is fight me right here, right now. Come on.”

While the duo did brawl a bit to send the fans in Iowa home happy, it looks like the real feud between the duo will be going down in a few short weeks, when WWE makes a 2024 stop in San Diego. Whether this match actually proves anything or simply serves as a chapter in a much larger storyline, however, remains to be seen, as WWE famously advertises matches, not finishes, to prospective ticket buyers.

Becky Lynch emphatically wants to finish her career in the WWE.

When news broke that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins could very well be free agents in 2024, fans around the professional wrestling world, from WWE, to AEW, Japan, and beyond, openly wondered if the first family of WWE could take their services elsewhere as soon as 2024.

Asked about her interest in remaining in WWE long-term as part of an interview with Strutting From Gorilla, Lynch revealed that she would “absolutely” love to retire in WWE, as she wouldn’t be a professional wrestler without the brand.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Growing up, WWE is what I watched, it’s what I loved, it’s the reason I became a professional wrestler,” Becky Lynch told Strutting From Gorilla via 411 Mania. “Now, having been in it, I love it. I love the people, I love the audience, and I love being able to being an important part of change. I love that I get to continue to drive that and that my voice matters in WWE. I feel listened to, and I feel we’ve been able to change the landscape of women’s wrestling forever. That feels very special to me. It’s my home. It’s where I was born as a professional wrestler in many ways in terms of my influence, and it’s where I’ll retire.”

Is there a world where Rollins and Lynch debut in AEW as Tyler and Becky Black… or maybe another moniker like her given name, Rebecca Quin? Sure, heck, there’s even a world where one stays in WWE and the other leaves a la so many other couples over the past few years, but to be frank, it would be incredibly hard to imagine Becky Lynch without WWE and WWE without Becky Lynch, as they are as intertwined as any Superstar is to a brand over the past two decades.


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